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The creator of lower tires wants T’Pol and Wesley to appear; See also episode 3 clips – TrekMovie.com

On Thursday afternoon Star Trek: Lower tires executive producer Mike McMahan participated in a virtual panel, and they brought with them a clip from next week’s episode. You can see everything below.

Lower tires at Metaverse

The creative team behind Star Trek: Lower tires did a question & answer today with ReedPops Metaverse. Creator Mike McMahan was joined by supervising director Barry Kelly, author M. Willis and character designer Marisa Livingston. ‘

The panel began with the first look at the cold that is open for episode three, which will stream next Thursday. You can see the full panel below. The clip starts with the mark 3:38.

Holds it TNG, wishes they could include T’Pol and Wesley

During the panel, Mike and his team discussed their background and how they got involved Lower tires, as well as their attitude to ensuring that the show remains “diligent and respectful of the franchise. “

McMahan and his supervising producer talked about how they create parts of the show as a standard Star Trek series and then let humor stand on its own …

  • Supervising director Barry Kelly said he designs shots to fit in with TNG, adding “IIt will only make comedy more fun the more seriously I take sci-fi. “
  • McMahan revealed the score is recorded just like Star Trek: Discovery, with musicians recording individually at home.
  • As for the method of scoring, McMahan stated, “Music must not be considered a comedy. The music thinks this is a 40-minute dramatic episode of Star Trek. The characters stop doing fun things. “
  • Some plotlines have been dismissed as too dark or nihilistic to keep the tone in line Star Trek: The Next Generation.

McMahan also teased some elements for the rest of season one:

  • Re-confirmed familiar guest stars will appear during season one.
  • There will be a holodeck error section with “an unfortunate character.”
  • There will be a trial episode calling the Lower Decks version of TNG’s “measure of a man.”
  • Says there are more Lower tires episodes with straight parallels to previous Star Trek episodes, saying they “play the biggest hits.”
  • Said his favorite parts of season one are during the second half and called it “wild”, with the last three episodes as “crazy” with “lots of action.”

There were also some discussions about how the team’s focus on keeping the show within cannon has limited some of the things they wanted to do. In particular, McMahan revealed that he wanted to include Star Trek: Enterprise character T’Pol, but felt that although the Vulcans could live long lives, she would be too old or dead until 2380. He also indicated that he wanted Wesley Crusher in and said “There’s a character with The Traveler that I really wish was not, so we could use that character. “

In terms of production status, McMahan revealed that he is currently writing the finale for season two.

Section 3 trailer

Today, CBS also released a trailer for the episode, which at the moment can only be seen on the official website.


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