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The Bucks were not the best in Game 1, but they showed how hard it is to beat them

MILWAUKEE – At the moment, Kawhi Leonard Khris Middleton shook a back door cut for a lightweight halfway in the third quarter of Game 1 in the Eastern Conference final on Wednesday night, and the Toronto Raptors looked like their best. [19659002Raptorernahadelyckatsbarafemskottförsökvidfälgeniförstahalvlekmenhärvarenvackerhalv-setsominkapsladehurbrutalteffektivaRaptorsnakanvaranärdemaximerarsinastyrkor:LeonardochKyleLowrydelaruppMarcGasolidenhögaposten-LowryfanninguttillvänsterochLeonardsjunkerbakomMiddletonDettavarTorontoHighIQBasketballpåsittmestskickligaochskopangavRaptorsen10-punktsledningmed5minuter50sekunderkvaridentredjeperioden[19659002] Find everything you need to know about the playoffs here.

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With many actions, the Raptors turned in a strong effort Wednesday night. They executed their defensive playing field and enthusiastically took many of the open shots they had won through much of the first two rounds of the postseason and found opportunities in the transition.

A deadly fourth quarter, however, avoided much of the solid work in a loss of 108-100 for Milwaukee Bucks.

Wednesday night was another game 1 neck clearing for a Bucks team that had not played for a whole week. A device that relies on cadence and timing, Bucks could not find its flow through much of the game. Main aid that Middleton fought initially to find shots against the Toronto betting program, an irregular coverage for Toronto. Giannis Antetokounmpo, the ultimate rhythm player, did not have the maximum effect with the long pause.

Although there were 29 of their first 35 attempts from 3-point intervals and their forgotten 45.7 percent effective field goals, Bucks came with the serial opener. If Game 1 is evidence of anything, it is that Milwaukee Bucks is – and will continue to be – an extremely difficult law to beat under all conditions.

"I think we did a good job of just sticking to what we have done for a long time after the season," says Brook Lopez, who led Bucks with 29 points. "Shot didn't go early, but we did a good job To grind it out, played good defense and just got stuck with it. Then it started to go. "

This is a measure of the NBA team dominance: an ability to win tough matches against tough opponents, even though they have played subordinate top-player achievements, marginal success against defensive strategies and poor shooting. The standard is Bucks, now 9-1 in the after-season, dominant, although the final result in Game 1 was not an exhibition of its best choreography.

Brook Lopez made a 29-year career-career high Milwaukee's Game 1 victory over Toronto. AP Photo / Morry Gash

When he thinned his signature Disney equipment at his cabinet before joining the mailing game, Lopez debated one of the great post-season confrontations for a team facing a switch defense designed by one Toronto Wednesday night, should an offensive team react by chasing available malfunctions in the halfway, or should disregard what advantage it may or may not have and fast sets to run with their stuff?

"Someone will say," why don't you just go down the pole? "But it's not who we are," says Lopez. "We don't want to change who we are."

Although there are many NBA trainers who think they don't attack improper matches, they are making money on the NBA tree , Lopez's position has been in agreement with Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer, although Bucks barely cracked the code aggressively in Game 1, they liked an early outbreak of Lopez in the fourth quarter when he drained three of his five tries beyond the bow.

"It here is the Brook we all know and we all love, "said Antetokounmpo, who noted that Gasol, who was assigned to protect Lopez, has a directive to be an active helper in this series, which will often leave Lopez open. [19659017] 1 Related

Lopez exploits everywhere on the floor was important for the Milwaukee victory Wednesday night, but the game was won at defensive end – with Lopez as a catalyst, with rare exceptions, the Raptors simply couldn't get to the lgen in Game 1, was just trying to one-fifth of their shot at point matt range, a poor low frequency. For all Antetokounmpos offensive gifts and the floor space that Bucks demonstrates, their ability to wall off the basket area is their only most consistent attribute as a law. Toronto rarely came in the rim, and sometimes the raptors, they were a skinny 9-17.

"You can bring your defense every night, and that's what we expect," Budenholzer said. "It will be nights when you do not shoot, and you just have to keep doing good or defending it. If you do, you might break through and find a way to win one night when you really don't shoot very well Offensive or Playful Offensive. "

This idea is gospel in Milwaukee under Budenholzer: In a league where gambling is increasingly won and lost by vagaries of streaky perimeter shooting, defense is the ultimate insurance policy. Go 6-for-35 from the 3-point range during the first 36 minutes of basketball? Certainly not ideal, but no one tries to miss. But if the defense tightens the color like a scrub, and defenders immediately encrypt back and rotators are sharp in anticipation, cold snaps can endure – and great games can be won.

Here lies the challenge for every team that needs to take down Bucks in a seven-game series: Set aside the games that will get lost because Milwaukee deals with a transcendent superstar, and capable shooters around him, what do you do when Bucks defensive effort – far less variable – is so robustly committed to rob you of what you want and need most?

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