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The brain's memory area can be associated with anxiety, depression

Toronto: A brain area, often associated with memory and dementia, can also provide important clues about a range of mental illnesses, including dependence, anxiety and depression, a study has found.

The area, known as the hippocampus, is a sea-shaped structure located deep inside the brain.

As part of the limbic system, it plays an important role in memory and spatial cognition, including how mammals learn to understand and navigate in their environment.

Hippocampus has long been known for its role in memory and dementia, especially in relation to Alzheimer's disease. In Alzheimer's patients, this region is one of the first areas in the brain that is injurious.

The study showed that ventral hippocampus in rats, a subregion that correlates with the front hippocampus in humans ̵

1; a subregion located on the front – plays a role in emotional regulation.

"What this shows is that we may need to think about how hippocampus treats information," said Rutsuko Ito, professor at the University of Toronto-Scarborough.

The study, published in the journal Current Biology, revealed that since hippocampus plays a role in basic motivational behavior, it can also provide important insights into a range of mental illnesses.

Addiction, for example, can be linked to deficit approach motivation. Anxiety and depression, on the other hand, can be linked to avoidant behaviors, all of which can manifest themselves in it This part of the brain, says Ito.

"Some patients have lesions on some parts of this part of the brain, so hopefully we can judge them to see what specific aspects of the attack behavior can be affected, they can not be affected," the researchers say. .

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