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The Benefits of Investing in a Dedicated IP VPN

Dedicated IPs, a specific feature used by VPNs, can help you stay safe online. So, whether you are streaming content online or sharing documents, a dedicated VPN can secure your channel and deter hackers from accessing your files. With a dedicated VPN, you have a service that will make your online activity anonymous—thus guaranteeing your ultimate safety. When connecting to a network VPN via a client, you’ll be using shared anonymous IP addresses. What this means is that you will be sharing an ID with more users when it comes to torrenting, researching, utilizing other apps, as well as sharing files. With shared IPs, you are sure of anonymity. Along these lines, here is all you need to know about using dedicated IP VPNs.

What Kind Of Information Is At Risk?

Now that you understand what unsecured public Wi-Fi networks are a major target for criminals and snoops, trying to steal your confidential data, it’s crucial to understand what exactly they can access and how dangerous revealing this data can be. When utilizing these networks, some of the things that might be at risk include your location, photos, the websites you visit, your passwords, login credentials, as well as other sensitive information.

The Benefits of Utilizing a Dedicated IP Address

When you purchase a dedicated IP (Internet Protocol), you get your own IP address from the service provider. And this IP is often unique to you, and it’s completely different from your normal IP.

Streaming Restricted Content

A dedicated IP address is often beneficial when it comes to unblocking and accessing geo-blocked content. Plus, a dedicated IP address isn’t used by thousands of other internet users- it’s exclusively designed for you. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to stream and watch restricted content without worrying about interruptions which could be caused by services blocking your shared IPs.

Video Games

Ever tried logging into a video game service only to be asked to re-verify yourself? This could happen due to the service provider knowing your real IP address and when you try logging into the service with a different IP, your online activity could be flagged prompting you to re-verify. To make it worse, your account could end up being temporarily locked.

VPNs are often put in place to prevent account sharing or theft. With a dedicated IP address, your video game services will easily recognize you since you’ll constantly be using the same IP instead of different shared IPs. There are numerous Dedicated IP VPN Providers out there. So, do your research and choose the best.

Online Banking

Just like video game services, online banking services often tend to get suspicious when you utilize different IP addresses. And of course, banking sites don’t want to account theft. So, when you use different IPs, which shows the website that you might be logging in from, things could get even worse.

Server Whitelisting

Server whitelisting is one of the best ways to keep hackers off. With this method, you can whitelist that dedicated VPN IP of yours. This means that the firewall allows access to the server if the login matches the previous IP address. Therefore, you can lock down private severs and prevent remote-based access into your system.


Online privacy is key. That’s why you need a dedicated IP VPN. The above information will help you understand the power of using a dedicated IP VPN for maximum safety.