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The Bachelor Star Caelynn Miller-Keys Says She's Rising Above Hateful Social Media Bullying

 Caelynn Miller-Keys, The Bachelor Women Tell All

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Caelynn Miller-Keyes didn't have a perfect experience while on The Bachelor during Colton Underwood season.

Despite being "blind-sighted" during the hometown date episode, where she was ultimately let go, the hardest part about her experience has been "the hate," she tells E! News in an exclusive interview.

"I have a pretty thick skin and I don't let things get you when you have people. you, but only really getting to see one layer and one side of you, that has been the most difficult thing in this whole process. "

Adding," that there would be trolls, but i think just the way that the trolls have been this year ̵

1; it's just been absolutely insane. "

She tells us she's not the only one dealing with vicious messages.

" I know we Kirke [ Sudick ] is getting death threats. Cassie [ Randolph ] is getting a fuck of hate. Ately Than Having Animosity or Tension. "

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The pageant queen hopes Bachelor Nation, and everyone else for that matter, can "be kind."

"Remember that we are real people and your words can be hurtful," she says.

Not all messages have been negative.

During Colton's season, she opened up about her sexual assault, and says "thousands and thousands of survivors, men and women, come forward and share their stories with me, which I'm very appreciative about." "Numerous people have sent me DM's sharing their stories, which was amazing. It made me realize that I'm going to continue to do something in a line of work. Whether it's starting my own charity or foundation but I'll definitely continue that line. "Earlier in the season, Caelynn and fellow contestant Cassie were accused of" not being there for the right reasons. " The Bachelorette

However, Miller-Keys wants to make it crystal clear that she and Cassie weren't conspiring to be on ABC's spin-off show of The Bachelor .

"I do not want to be The Bachelorette ," the pageant queen tells us. "And Cassie and I were counting the truth. "She continues," That's not a desire that was in either of our hearts. We wanted the best for our best friend so I wanted to find happiness if I ended up with Colton and she said the same to me. There was never any talk of being [on] The Bachelorette . "

Although The Bachelorette is not something the reality TV personality would do, she admits she'd consider joining Bachelor in Paradise .

" Paradise seems more low-key. [It] seems like less pressure and less hate involved. There is always going to be hate, but I think our season of girls, we got it on an extreme level. "On the topic of Hannah B. being rumored as the next T he Bachelorette Caelynn wishes her nothing but the best.

"I think she would be a really funny bachelorette," she says. "I think it would be a very different season from what we've seen before. It will be unpredictable. "

Adding," I think with Hannah B, she really doesn't have any restrictions. She's just herself and funny and [quirky] as some leads maybe try to be more composed. "Despite all of the drama from Colton's season, the pageant beauty says she's prioritizing herself and putting her life on hold." just focused on being single. "

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