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The Atari founder's Alexa-powered board game is out now

The game randomises the killer's identity and the victim every playthrough to keep things fresh. As the hard-boiled detective that solves the mystery, you have to visit different places (including dirty bars, of course) in the game to talk to characters. Not everyone will tell the truth, of course, so you have to find inconsistencies in their statement and the clues together to find the sin.

Ortiz said they were very excited about the prospect of "gammeric voice technique by fusing film-historical story with board games." He added: "By integrating voice control mechanics into the traditional tablet format, we transform the board game landscape, as well as push the boundaries of what Smart Speaker gaming means. "

St. Noire is now available on Amazon for $ 40, but it does not include the Alexa device itself. We hope you have an Alexa device during Prime Day if you are a fan of murder mystery who wants to give it a try. In the coming days, the game will also debut at San Diego Comic Con, where Bushnell and Ortiz will talk about it and "gaming technology" as the game's future.

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