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The Arctic Russian region explains emergency as polar bears

Local officials in an Arctic region of Russia have stated declared an emergency after villages have been overrun by polar bear packages. A phenomenon that wilderness experts have said arises as a result of global warming.

According to ABC News, the remote region authorities have confirmed that a team of specialists will arrive in Novaya Zemlya, Russia, to assist local officials with the removal of the bears.

The authorities said the bears have been gathered in people populated by people in

Alexander Minaev, deputy head of the municipal administration, told the Russian press agency TASS that more than 50 bears have recently been discovered near the largest population center in Novaya Zemlya.

] Footage released by Russian outlets has also reported that dozens of polar bears dug through garbage in a nearby dump, and even a video apparently showed a bear amusing Ming through a building.

The events led to local authorities declaring an emergency on Saturday.

"I've been to Novaya Zemlya since 1

983, but there has never been such an invasion of polar bears before" Zhiganshi Musin, who leads Novaya Zemlya's administration, told TASS.

"They are literally chasing people and going into entrances to residential buildings," Musin continued.

According to ABC News, wildlife experts have pointed to melting seas and rising Arctic temperatures caused by global warming, which sinks to the bears' invasion. They say the effects of global warming have reduced the bear's typical hunting ground and forcing them to explore other options inland for food.

"Everyone understood that this could happen," Mikhail Stishov, world biodiversity project coordinator in the World Wildlife Fund, told Russian outlet RIA Novosti.

"Now, the bears are increasingly on the beach because of the absence of ice for long periods. They come to the beach, where they get used to human housing, especially if the waste system is not very well established," he continued.

In Russia Polar bears are still classified as a threatened species and are illegal to kill with firearms.

Officials have reportedly said they are hopeful that specialists will fly to the region to help the bears' removal will not resort to the use of weapons, but it also allowed that they may have to fail if other efforts are made to remove the animals.

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