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The 2nd student tests positive for the coronavirus after the first day of school

A second-grader in Georgia tested positive for the coronavirus after attending school day, which led the district to ask 20 other students and a teacher to self-quarantine for two weeks.

Parents were informed of the diagnosis on Tuesday, the Cherokee County School District said in a statement.

The child, a student at Sixes Elementary School in Canton, about 440 km north of Atlanta, did not begin to show symptoms until after school on Monday, the first day the students returned.

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7;s parents sought medical help and tests that resulted in the positive diagnosis,” the district attorney said. “The student did not come to school on Tuesday.”

The area said that contact tracking was carried out and due to possible exposure, the child’s teacher and 20 other students were asked to quarantine for two weeks. The child’s classrooms were also temporarily closed and deeply cleaned.

In a letter to the parents, the school’s principal, Ashley Kennerly, said that the class will be taught at a distance while the group is quarantined.

Sixes Elementary School in Canton, Ga.Google Maps

The area does not require students or teachers to wear face masks. The reopening guidelines state that masks are encouraged and recommended “when social distancing is not possible in our schools and on our school buses.”

“But at the moment, masks are not required for our students,” it says. “We will provide each student with up to two reusable masks upon request and free of charge on the first day of school. If the federal government or state mandate masks are worn, we must follow that mandate and require all students to wear masks.”

The district also stated in the guidelines that schools will not perform temperature checks and urged parents and staff to do a self-check at home before arriving at the school.

The guidelines described how schools would keep children safe and said that hand sanitizers would be available in classrooms and social distancing would be enforced whenever possible.

The district told NBC News on Wednesday morning that apart from 2nd grade, no other positive cases have been reported since school began.

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