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The 2nd case of lung disease linked to vaping is confirmed in King County

SEATTLE – The second case of severe lung disease related to vaping has been confirmed in King County, health officials announced Friday.

Seattle and King County Public Health said a 30-year-old woman was admitted to a King County hospital in mid-September with respiratory distress and breathing difficulties. She has been released and is recovering, officials say.

The woman reported vaping THC products purchased from legal marijuana stores along with nicotine products without THC. Health officials said they confirmed the case after a report from a health care provider.

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st arm-related lung disease confirmed in Washington state

"I would not be surprised if we do not find a single product or explanation for these diseases, but several possible causes that can lead to lung damage," Dr. Jeff Duchin, a public health officer for Seattle & King County Public Health.

The first case of vaping-related lung disease was confirmed on September 11. Health officials said the teen was hospitalized in August for five days for "acute respiratory failure." Essentially, the teenager did not get enough oxygen through his lungs and into his bloodstream.

Dr. Duchin said the teen had been vaping for three years before he started showing symptoms. At that time, he was not legally the age to buy e-cigarettes.

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Five cases of severe lung disease have been confirmed in Washington, according to the State Department of Health. One case was reported in Mason County, two cases in King County and two cases in Spokane County.

As of September 18, there have been 530 confirmed or probable cases nationally and several deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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