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Train hard to die at any age. Not only "old people" propose the principles of FITT to help good health.

Department of Health Repeated Exercise for the Elderly But Must Be Appropriate Not Too Heavy for the Body to Handle Points to all age groups who exercise too hard to die Suggest to evaluate basic organs first Using FITT principles in exercise Help to be healthy [19659002] Today (Nov 11) Dr. Atthaphon Kaewsamrit, Deputy Director General of the Department of Health Mentioned the case of a 60-year-old man dying in a gym Then lifting more than 120 kg more weight than he could handle Until the worry about training in the elderly is that training is not appropriate Is a risk that can be cause danger and can die in all age groups already confirms that the elderly can exercise And also need to work out As it helps you stay healthy But exercise must take into account the basics of the body itself. Has Underlying Illness Or Not Used To Exercise That Type Before? If you have underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, arrhythmias May have effects on the heart and blood vessels. In addition, keep an eye on the symptoms that can occur during exercise, such as blockage, tightness in the chest, fainting, palpitations, unconsciousness, etc. If such symptoms occur, stop exercising immediately

Dr. Atthaphon said that in addition to self-evaluation first, the "FITT" principle is another practice for creating good health, namely 1

. F-frequency 3-5 training frequency Install a week Or every other day. 2. Intensity, intensity of exercise Heavy level that the body can support By observing the symptoms during exercise By continuing to exercise, such as walking, running or cycling, you should go out on a tired level and still be able to speak in short sentences. For resistance exercises such as lifting weights, body weight should be at a level that feels the muscles are strained. By not holding your breath while straining And should gradually increase the level of challenge

3. T-time: The time it takes for continuous or cardio training to work continuously for at least 10 minutes or more, up to 30 minutes or more if you are skilled or familiar. And 4. T-type. The exercise type is divided into 3 types which are continuous or fitness training such as walking, running, cycling, swimming and resistance such as weight lifting, body weight and exercise. Stretches muscles, tendons and other parts for flexibility. Reduce the tension Relieve some aches

"It is important to have a warm-up period to prepare before going out and a cooling phase to stop And should gradually increase the level of challenge And constantly observe the symptoms Emphasize that exercise does not need to be at a heavy level But should have appropriate physical or physical activities such as household chores, walks or bicycles to a level that is tired enough to speak in short sentences A total of at least 150 minutes a week is also beneficial for the body. "Deputy Director General of the Department of Health. Said

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