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The bus was stunned and told me at the time to agree to get married. The candidate plan is expected by next year.

Asked if the photo carries a ring taken with a girlfriend People are so happy?
“Hilarity because I did not know before (smile). Before this, some pictures were published. Ask why you decide to post pictures This means that one day, as the bus told us, if we felt it was right then we are really confident the bus is down. “

How much is the ring?
“I don’t know. It belongs to his mother. It was a ring because his mother had married and continued for generations.”

Who is the groom?
“His name is Pee Ball. Is a normal person I work at Google Thailand, I know each other for my friends recommend. Is a friend named Bo Knew each other for a long time, probably almost 1

0 years known for There are times when we are happy together, sorry There are many angles to see.

Friends would feel that hello. He is married He wants the bus to meet good people. Sometimes you find yourself, maybe not just right? Friends tell me they will give it a favor. May I try to talk to you? Yes, yes, no. We can be friends Because before this he knew that the bus did not like to have anyone to recommend someone to know And temporarily talked about it. “

How many years have you known?
“It’s been almost three years now.”

What impresses you?
“Actually, he is a normal person, normal, simple, can look different. Be clear, simple and respect each other. Understand what each bus does Significant work in the industry love buses This means that buses can move

This means that when we meet, we know that his family is very sweet with the bus. This is an important thing that makes us feel that one day if we choose someone to be together. We want us to be with his family and enjoy being together. “

Simple life?
“Yes, live a very normal life Is a person who lives a similar life, which means to work and then go home I do not have to sit and socialize for long, no, for a short while the bus goes home more than 3-4. Mom, the bus is probably happy, probably feels so good Don’t have to go home late For when we eat we eat a short time For it is not a party Saturday and Sunday went to look at the trees, decorations, so it felt like it was a life felt happy, happy and happy. It also looked like us. “

Have you already posted pictures, what do they say?
“He was really shy. He wasn’t in the media. He would feel like … not a person in the media and it looks weird. He felt shy. When he has to go to work and meet other people And everyone will tell you for him that they are happy too He said you can’t act properly. “

Want to talk about yesterday’s event as well?
“In fact, it was Pee Boll’s birthday. But before this was Ma’s birthday (Bus’s mother) is the fourth day, and P’Bol was born on the 9th, so the bus made a surprise video for Ma Ma and P’Ball by doing her own cake on YouTube. Now, when I actually finished it, it was a discussion with Pee Ball earlier, but if we just make it clear or informal to everyone that today we really agreed with you

Friends do not know at all. Apart from really very close friends, even though he knows some of his friends the Bus family knows everything. But not yet revealed. That is why it felt Yesterday was also our birthday, Pee Ball Considered that he told clearly “

When to get engaged or married?
“I’m not sure yet. Expected to be at the end of the year. It is unlikely that it will exceed the beginning of the year. Must try to see what Must look at the situation. Many things may not be very safe now. But we have a rough plan.”

Thanks for the pictures from AIG @rodmayaloha.

Did you call it an engagement yesterday?
“Not yet, because in the end we have to get engaged again. The day we go to the event, because the bus house is actually Chinese. His home is also Chinese. Therefore, there would be a simple tea ceremony.”

Friends, what do you say?
“Friends are shocked because they don’t know (laughs). They don’t hide anything. Friends at the university know it. But still don’t know the details of who he is, what to do, but his friends still see buses. So my friends I feel a little at university … Ah, she left us. Are you leaving? But if a very close friend already knows “

The bus seal club also says to regret the bus?
“Don’t look at the program. (Smile) Someone wrote that if the bus is married, will not be able to see the news program lay eggs. (Smile) must look. Still here, exactly. Thanks for Many also come to congratulate us. Thank you very much

We are ordinary, easy going, want a comfortable life. It does not notice It means that after this he would not be so striking We actually live a normal life. The bus has not been closed all the time. But there’s just nothing we need to explain or say For no one asks anything Apart from being asked by someone, Until one day, if I’m sure, when should I really say clear? “.

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