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Skin allergy rash Disease close to overlook – Dermatitis, type "allergic rash

  Skin Rash Against Skin Allergy Disease Near To Overlook

Skin Allergic Rash Near Diseases Overlooked: Special Report

Skin Allergy Rash Disease Near To Overlook ̵

1; "Atopic dermatitis" or "atopic dermatitis" can cause personality disorder distraction, conditions Affecting work or daily life can be more or less

. Professor Dr. Kanok Walailakunthanan Head of the Department of Dermatology Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University said that September 14 each year will be World Atopic Dermatitis Day or World Skin Allergy Day. The medical community wants to raise public awareness. Skin allergic rash is a disease with chronic, chronic dermatitis due to allergic reactions and many factors that cause dry skin. Slightly irritated Itchy red rash on different parts of the body, which is often found in children, but can occur with all ages. The incidence of this disease in Thai children is about 10-20 percent, while adults are less

. Allergic rash. Near disease is overlooked
Dr. Dr. Kanok Walai Kulthanan

There are three types of symptoms of skin allergic rashes which are acute phase rashes. The rash is very red and itchy, red blisters, blisters, some water may have leaked out of the lymph.

Subacute phase Is a rash and a red, itchy, blister spot. There may be some water blisters but no lymphatic drainage was found in the rash

and chronic phase That is, the rash is not very red or brown, can be convex, thick, itchy, flaky and clearly see the skin.

  Near-Disease Disease

The location of the rash varies depending on the patient's age. In infants, skin rashes are often found on the face, neck, neck and outside the legs. Because it is an area that is scarce with pillows, because it is very itchy for school-aged children and adults Inflammatory rashes often occur on the crook, forearm, legs and neck. Rashes can occur throughout the body. Some patients may also have allergies through the nose, eyes or asthma. Or some may find other skin lesions together, such as eczema, milky eyelids and wrinkles under the eyes. Peony dry lips Clear hand stain, deep, ingrown hair, rough skin like chicken skin The skin on the rail is divided into sheets. Etc.

The cause of the disease is still unclear. Believe that genetics may be involved However, people without a history of allergies in the family may have this disease. Because genetic disorders can be hidden without symptoms. In addition, the important factors involved are the environment such as food, dust mites, irritants. Or allergens The skin of the patient is sensitive to the environment, both physical conditions such as hot weather, cold or chemicals that irritate the skin. Including various organisms such as insects, bacteria, etc.

  Skin allergy rash Near disease is overlooked

Dr. Dr. Kanokwalai added that the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis is based mainly on clinical features. Symptoms do not improve or have more severe symptoms Your doctor may consider skin tests. Or additional laboratory examination As appropriate for each patient to find stimulating factors that may cause the disease

. The goal of the treatment is to try to control the symptoms of the disease. Stay calm for as long as possible until the disease disappears Guidelines for treatment include Avoid aggravating factors Apply moisturizing agents to the skin. Prevent dry skin.

The use of topical drugs to reduce skin inflammation. When controlling for symptoms, the drug should be stopped or stopped. In cases where the rash is large and a wide area your doctor can give you medicine. Currently being treated with injections. Which is a breakthrough in the treatment of this disease By choosing to use in cases of moderate to severe symptoms And not responding to conventional treatment methods that should be under medical care

. Professor Dr. Kanokwalai concluded that "If the patient suspects a skin allergy Should consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment Chronic illness may affect the mental state. Quality of life for patients and families"

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