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Save misunderstanding! Villagers confirm that "wound dressing" belongs to "cancer patients", not the suspects

Yala – The villagers of Ton Yee issue confirmation The "wound tissue" that the authorities seized belonged to "Cancer patient" is not suspected Save Lum Lampaya people will misunderstand and also regret the shooting of Chor Khor Khor fort

today (Nov 10) at house number 125/2 Village No. 7, Lamphaya Subdistrict, Muang District, Yala Province. Ming Ton Yee villagers, Lamphaya Subdistrict, Mueang District, Yala Province, want to explain to the media. In case of news, found a wound dressing unit. Wound wounds, dressings, cotton dressings to control suspects to shoot Lamphay police and officers expected to be used to help the injured criminals.

confirms that the cloth wound dressing and the equipment found by itself Used to make wounds for mothers with throat cancer in step 3, who must penetrate the neck and abdomen with wounds, must apply twice a day and every Thursday will stand by the road in front of the house Caused officials on Saturday morning to search for suspects And came to find these units, ask for DNA testing, then cooperate with staff Did not think there would be news belonging to a prisoner who arrested a neighbor Can cause misunderstanding Therefore, I want to make it clear that the gauze is wrapped And their own scar tool Not the suspect Or will definitely be used to help the perpetrator The staff could check the DNA and be ready to cooperate with the officers for questioning.

Mrs. Thinee Maming wanted to confirm wholeheartedly with the media. Since I do not want to cause misunderstanding with the people of the Lamphaya community who love each other well And he also lamented the loss of the event Therefore do not want the Thai Buddhists to misunderstand In which almost all people who died are well-known friends, such as Mr Sunthorn and Mrs Ratchanok Poolkaew . They are also very sad.

while Pridi Maming said with tears And regrets Chor Chor's death and 15 people, whom they consider to be friends. Is a follower who worked together before Therefore, do not want to misunderstand Including the suspected family that confirmed it Not all units belong to the suspect. And did not apply to help the attacker

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