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Saraburi, found that 43 Chikungun's disease is still not dead (see clip)

on September 18 & # 39; 19 in Khok Sa-At Village, Village # 5, Nong Don District, Nong Don District, Saraburi Province, with more than 43 dengue-like illnesses but no deaths yet. That's why Wirat Wongpoon, 54, met Village Headman, Village No. 5, Nong Don Sub-district, Nong Don District, to inform that he is also suffering from this disease. Just recovered from the disease a few days ago. By Mr Wirat, the village manager reported that from July 2019, there was a female homeowner who opened a grocery store in front of the Khok Sa-at Temple. Traveled to relatives in Kanchanaburi Province when the woman came home Symptoms are "fever, joint pain" symptoms similar to dengue fever, headache, heat, anorexia, high fever, go to a doctor at Nong Don District Hospital Now healed The disease lasted for 10-15 days . Later, Mrs. Charat Srinuwong, age 49, had Pornphon Wongloom, age 59, Mrs. Somsri Suksombat, age 52, similar illness and fever. High, warm, with reddish rashes on the body, joint pain and anorexia. At the health promotion hospital, the hospital currently has 43 patients in the village, but no deaths.

north swimming Mass Prasitporn Saraburi Public Health has sent Chamrieng Phankaew, Public Health, Nong Don District With a Medical Team And Nurses at Nong Don District Hospital, Random Sampling and Blood Collection Patients in Khok Sa-At Village, Village No. 3-4 and Village No. 5, to investigate the causes of dengue-like disease, while Winyu Seritikul, President of Nong Don District, Saraburi Province, and Nopphun Phakdi-Palad Nong Don District Administration Office Together with the officers, travel to the area to spray fumes to various villages for the third time. security By the people

Dr. Rung Ruethai Mass Prasit Porn, Saraburi Province, revealed that the hospital where villagers are sick There are many species of Aedes mosquitoes, and Aedes carries dengue fever. But the villagers in Nong Don district are sick, also caused by biting mosquitoes. But the disease "Zikungunya" and this disease has another name like "Fever, Joint Pain, Aedes" which is similar to dengue fever. But dengue fever is more serious than the word Chikungunya comes from the African dialect Refers to the distorted symptoms that occur in the joints, because when the aforementioned disease occurs the joints will swell and become inflamed until the deformation Thailand has been found Zikungunya disease. For the first time in Bangkok in 2510 was found in adults than children. Before the virus is transmitted to other provinces or today, and patients with this disease will have symptoms after being infected for 1-12 days with high fever. Joint pain And the muscles and pain in the joints are intense and gradually increase in pain with a joint which is a small article on both the left and right sides A red rash similar to dengue fever on the body. There are headaches, eye pain, red eyes, not a little light, including fatigue. Sometimes, even if the fever goes away, there is still joint pain. What is the solution? Is mosquito repellent, cleaning around the house Waterproof material should be placed in sand, anat, dimming and extinction of Aedes mosquitoes. Households' distance is about 100 meters. People will definitely be free from disease and safe from Chikungunya disease.


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