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Rinse some Mega Project Maharashtra to "clean" China

After losing the election on May 9, the former prime minister of Malaysia, Nasi Grasak, who held power for 9 years, was ousted after an irreversible play. The new government of prime minister Mahathir Mohammad, leader of the old wine in the bottle, continues to chase "Sharp" continued.

On July 3, 64-year-old Naibi was criminally corrupt (M). ACC) arrested with suspicion of involvement in the corruption scandal in a fund "1 MDB" scandal after sleeping one night was sent to the court immediately due to four crimes are crimes. [1]

These claims are part of a mutation survey of about 42 million ringgit (330 million baht) through a former agency of 1M. Each of them is charged with imprisonment for 20 years and is punished with imprisonment. Mr. Nijib insisted. He was sentenced to two years in prison and sentenced to 1

million ringgit (8 million baht), but was ordered to take two diplomatic passports to fly from the country. The former prime minister's former prime minister Najib Barak in Malaysia (wearing a suit) greeted supporters when he left the court in Kuala Lumpur on July 4th. After being sued 4 times in a corruption case with "1 MDB" (Reuters)

. The most important corruption cases in the National Investment Fund. "MDB Day" (1 MDB), founded in 2009, USA. It was $ 4,500 million worth of misuse and over $ 700 million was transferred to Najib's account.

In addition to chasing Shetland, Najib and his followers in the "1 MB" case, the Maharashtra and the government also examined. "Mega Project" giant project under the government of Mr. Niphib type "clear thin" ever.

On July 5, Maharashtra ordered the suspension. Three major projects with "China" worth $ 22,350 million ($ 737,550 million) were the two gas pipeline projects China did with its "China Petroleum Pipeline". "East Coast Rail Link" and 688 km of East Coasters connecting the Thai border to Kuala Lumpur. The main concessionaire is "China Communication." These three projects are one of several projects signed by the Naibo government with China. Mahathir claimed that these projects had to be interrupted. The country's government debt reduction is as high as $ 250 billion (about $ 8,250 billion) and other debt, but clarifies that it does not specifically address "Which country would be China?"

But this will make the Chinese anxiety and dissatisfaction can affect the relationship that has been good. The agreement was signed. With China But many projects were considered not transparent. It has been argued that Najib has written a number of projects with China. To help China pay off the debt for the "1 MB" fund after being battered and unable to repay $ 11 billion.

during the campaign. Maharashtra announced that it would review the suspicious Chinese deal. And he has attacked Najib's government "betrayal" to China, so he must try to "clear" the problem with China. It is planned to visit President Jim Ping in August, where the main issues are. Including the terms of the concession megaproject signed. Maharashtra sees it. "Unfair" to the Chinese mortgage rates to create these projects. Maharani stated that "very high" is higher than the rate on government loans. After taking up the second position in May, Mahathir ordered the launch of a $ 17 billion high-speed train ($ 561 billion) connecting Malaysia and Singapore. It was agreed under Mr Niphihi's government many years ago.

Mahathir claims that the cost of building high-speed trains connecting Kuala Lumpur with Singapore is "too expensive" and wants to reduce the country's public debt. Malaysia is "unfavorable", which is "Sueang", a rail link connecting China with Singapore does not require much investment.

This high-speed train program covers 5 countries, from the city. Kunming, Yunnan, South China Pass through Vientiane, Laos to Nong Khai and connect to southern Thailand. Continue to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before arriving in Singapore. The total distance of about 3,900 km is part of the plan. China Indochina Peninsula Economic Corridor

As part of the strategic plan. "The New 21st Century Silk Road" or "One Belt, One Road", an aspiration of President Jin Ping, will connect to South Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Europe. China is working hard in every way

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