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New Zealand, 100 days COVID-free

New Zealand has stated that COVID-19 cases have not been found in the country in 100 days, but stresses that it will take the situation in many countries that return to see new patients as a lesson.

Reuters reported on August 9 that New Zealand authorities had not reported COVID-1

9 cases in the country for 100 days in a row, making New Zealand, a country with 5 million people, one of the safest countries. From COVID-19 Most people in the world

Even now, New Zealanders are back to their normal lives. But New Zealand authorities warned it was not happy with the outbreak that was not found. For example, many countries that have been infected for several days. But came back with new infections

New Zealand Health Director Dr. Ashley Bloomfield pointed out that Lessons learned from abroad show that the infection is coming back quickly. And spread to areas where the disease could originally control So always be prepared if you find someone with COVID-19 in New Zealand.

For foreign samples New Zealand may refer to a case in Vietnam. Who returned to meet COVID-19 patients New in Da Nang city In the middle of the country After not being infected in the country for more than 100 days, while there is a situation in nearby Australia. The city of Melbourne just announced a lockdown six weeks after the outbreak was discovered. It was caused by a mistake in the detention process.

Mrs Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand A campaign was launched for the forthcoming general election in September.

Concerns over a revival in New Zealand In addition to being a public health issue It may also be linked to a political issue to attack New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. It has just started a campaign for the new election that will take place in September.

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