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Miracle – Change Cancer – Fortunately, the sixth MIRACLE is around "

Lymphoma Cancer Club in Thailand Organized the sixth event "Miracle – Cancer Change – Happiness MIRACLE is all around" on World Lymphoma Day. Which drops it every 15 years To encourage the patient to overcome cancer And sick happy, ready to talk, opens the experience of fighting lymphoma "Unforgotten Cancer: Cancer .. Not Forget". True story, do not forget. With the fight against lymphoma phase 3 of Nui Ruethairat Srithong, Utaman lives in the risk zone for cancer and Peng Thirasak Jirasiriraj faces cancer from sinus treatment. Ready to participate in the "Unforgotten Smile" activity of the Bella-Ranee Fight, along with special activities in the event and to make merit to support the bag "MIRACLE Bag, Drug Package 2," designed by Bella Ranee with many patients, relatives, caregivers and interested

Prof. Dr. Thanin Intarakamthornchai, Hematologist Specialist Department of Internal Medicine Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University And the president of the Lymphoma Club in Thailand said that lymphoma has been shown to increase patients by an average of 5% per year both abroad and in Thailand Which will be divided into 2 types which is Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin Type Every year, 62,000 Hodgkins are diagnosed worldwide. Of which 60% are men and 40 are women Average% in each year Around the world 25,000 people will die from Hodgkin's lymphoma. In general, patients with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Tends to have symptoms fairly slowly The disease develops gradually And the type of non-Hodgkin Every year, 286,000 people are diagnosed with this type of lymphoma worldwide, of which 58% are men and 42% are women. In Thailand, non-Hodgkin species are most commonly found and because lymph nodes are found in every body position. Lymphoma cancer that is not Hodgkin's lymphoma) can therefore be found in every organ But usually it starts in the lymph nodes, the spleen, the liver Or even the stomach

this year "Lymphoma club in Thailand" in collaboration with the medical school And 13 important hospitals in the country have organized activities "Miracle – Change Cancer – Happiness: The 6th MIRACLE is all". This event is aimed at all lymphoma patients. Quality of life And good inspiration To overcome the disease And felt that even if he was ill, he would be happy sick, if he would meet a special guest And other activities Many interesting No cost at all.

– Talk to a hematologist about current treatment methods for lymphoma. And solve all lymphoma complaints

– launching the short film "Unforgotten Cancer: Cancer..No Forget"

– meeting former patients from "Unforgotten Cancer" to share inspiration. With tips for taking care of yourself

– Find meaning. Of life "Unforgotten Inspiration x Wanyai"

– "Unforgotten Smile" activity by Bella-Ranee The fight including special activities at the event and deserves to support the bag "MIRACLE Bag, Medicine Bag Model 2", designed by Bella Ranee, costs 345 baht ** per sale (All proceeds are donated to the Lymphoma Cancer Club in Thailand)

. In addition, the event also exchanged conversations with patients Unforgotten. Cancer .. don't forget. The true story is not forgotten. And the fight against lymphoma stage 3 in Nui Ruethairatsithong, 36 years old Coming back 3 years ago, Nuirutairat Srithong, 36 years, the perfectionist The girl who lives her life can all cause cancer in lymphoma. Regardless of food Who likes to eat only yeast, raw, pickled fish, less rest, no exercise Since Nui himself is not yet old Has still a strong life to not take care of himself But did not know It is a good time bomb and Nui is in lymphoma in step 3. The doctor planned a 6-8-course chemotherapy and then transplanted stem cells with his own cells. Or autologous transplant during chemotherapy The doctor will regularly evaluate the treatment. By doing PET / CT Scan and the results are satisfactory. After receiving 7 courses of chemotherapy, the procedure for stem cell transplantation

"since that time Up until now, after 3 years, Nui tried to live her life with caution. And happy all the day when I had the opportunity to open my eyes Nui loves me And do what you want to do Go where he wants to go Drop some questions Change to a new life Failure to return to behavior that doesn't take care of itself as before Reduce the perfectionist girl and turn it into a more balanced girl. I tell everyone to turn to health care before it's too late or even people who are already sick, you won't be deterred. If we have the strength to fight Nui think you will win it because of cancer , losing happiness and smiles. Fighting together. Because Nui himself will not forget that the cancer has warned that Nui will balance life from now on, how to get a better quality of life. Cancer Cancer .. forget never. "

Mr. Thirasak Jirasiralap or Peng. Age is 50 years old. Salaryman who leaves a company to work independently # See cancer from sinus treatment !! At age 42 Due to frequent sinus problems But began to develop symptoms Is the area behind the right ear With the area under the chin Swelling in a solid lump The size of a quail egg Therefore cut the meat for examination The result was "lymphoma cancer or lymphoma"

by NK / T cell lymphoma, nasal type and must be treated with chemotherapy. But instead you choose to use herbs instead of chemotherapy, the weight gradually decreases gradually from 74 to just 55 kilograms In just one week With an increasingly impaired body Progressive disease The swollen face The inside of the nose is purulent. And began to faint Therefore come back to a modern doctor To begin the process of treating lymphoma with regular chemotherapy again

.. Unfortunate visit .. before chemotherapy for 3-4 days. His face swelled again. The doctor checked and said chemotherapy was given seven times before. Not responding due to drug resistance Because cancer has spread The feeling at that time Is very discouraged with life I thought I would definitely die. But the question that is heartbreaking, "Won't you fight anymore?"

"At that time I didn't really know. How long they will keep for themselves Father will continue to fight. After that I continue to receive new chemotherapy. In combination with light This time is good, not allergic to chemotherapy, but it is heavy because the light shines on the face, under the eyes, both down to the upper lip 25 is lit continuously because cancer also spread to the right eye Shine for a while Inside the mouth it has symptoms similar to hot, but much heavier Burning pain all the time Can only eat more than 2 months of fluid The face gradually gets better, but the taste experience has gone. Although lymphoma has taken many, many, but cancer has taught me For me to learn And learned to be stronger with life Nowadays, when I have to face serious problems Made me see the problem less And knew I could pass it And finally I will find good things It will fill life Lung energy when the problem is over Lymphoma …. Healed But the patient's encouragement And the patients themselves are very important to most. The people around us, a hundred and a half people, have a hundred percent encouragement for us. But only one patient was discouraged. The encouragement given to hundreds and thousands is worth zero. Good doctor. How good is the doctor? If the patient does not do what the doctor recommends Do not see the doctor by appointment Do not take the medicine that the doctor ordered. The doctor is good. The doctor is good. The drug has zero value !! Unforgotten Cancer Cancer..Don't Forget "

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