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Looking at the sacred water pool "Golden eye Ngio Rai" is believed to be a lucky number. Day 11 months 11

Lotto Neck Movement, Brilliant "Lucky Numbers", The Sacred Water "Golden Eye, Ngio Rai", Sawang Arom Temple Considers 11th Day 11 is a Great Day of Success While Happy Person Appoints a Group of Lions to Give a voting offer after receiving lucky lottery numbers for taking 6 digits

on November 11, 62. Reporters reported that Atmosphere near the Wat Sawang Arom (Khaeo) lottery, Khun Kaew sub district, Nakhon Chai Si district, Nakhon Pathom- province, has many people and players who will visit. Because today is the 11th day of the 11th full moon. And is a Loi Krathong day, therefore considered a good day Day of Fortune

especially at the Wat Sawang Arom sermon hall which is the site of the doll " Golden Eyes Opera " with a holy water bath with tears I which monks perform spiritual prayers Charity's commitment to sing For the Golden Eyes opera hit by a train, not to haunt the opera people In which Master Pae invited the soul into the doll Take it to the temple until the sensation Players looked in the sink, which led to many lucky numbers was met

the same day. There is tour traveling from Samut Prakan Province. Hiring a group of lions to make a promise to the Ngio Ngew Rai people By not revealing the name Say only who came to look at the holy water and then go back to meet the numbers on November 1

, 2019 won by the government lottery. Get up to 6 figures Today, considered an old good day, called Great Fortune Day, the 11th 11th month. Came to give as he did for a promise

while he was at the bottom of the sermon There are still players coming down from the pavilion to look for lotteries in different booths. Which was taken to choose to recruit almost 100 panels, most of which are photographed in the gold-plated water bath in the eyes of Ngio Ngio with almost every teardrop attached to the panel For the numbers in this draw on November 16, 62, numbers 618, 18, 50, 59 to be written for customers to see. If someone dials another number, find the ones you want.

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