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Lions Club of Ayutthaya helps 18 young poor families with illness Even my father had cancer

According to reporters, there was a poor family who had to rent his house and his daughter became ill from autoimmune diseases. Or Drosophila Similar to that of Winai Kraibut, a famous actor currently under treatment. Father, who is the pillar of the family Must get sick from cancer of the esophagus Cannot eat food by mouth Must be fed via rubber tube Also my younger brother had a heart disease. Asking for help from philanthropists

Date (September 2, 19) Mrs. Rochana Permpool, Lions Club of Ayutthaya, along with Lions members Brought consumer goods and brought them to an apartment building, Village No. 5, Ban Mai Sub District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Found Ms. Kingkaew Inlame or Nong Som, age 1

8, who suffers from autoimmune diseases Or Drosophila In the same way that Winai Kraibut, a famous actor, is Mr. Charan Inkla, 45 years old, whose father has cancer in the digestive system that sleeps in the house Must be fed through the tube through his stomach. And Mrs. King Kan Phunak, 45, who is the mother to minister and care for, along with Ms. Rochana Permpoon, Lions Club of Ayutthaya, along with Lions members On the question of Dad Nong Som and Charan, Dad, Nong said it will be better But the father did not improve during the treatment period at Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Hospital In addition, gives away 8000 baht cash and consumables for daily use

Mrs. Rochana Permpoon, Lions Club of Ayutthaya, together with Lions members Normal Lions Club Already working for the community For this case news from the media That the oranges from Nong's family have problems Therefore consulted with Lions members To help To facilitate Nong Som's family Enough to know that the Red Cross in Ayutthaya Social Development and Human Security in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, the district administration organization has come to the aid earlier. But these diseases take time to heal And the drug charges are quite expensive It is good that Nong As a family still uses the universal health insurance card. But some drugs that are off the list Must pay more, as Nong needs to inject 40,000 baht each needle, 2 needles with a family that is already poor There is no specific profession either. There is no main income. Therefore, heavy suffering must therefore ask for help from other worldly philanthropists

Miss Kingkaew Inklai or Nong Som, who has suffered from autoimmune disease, said that he wants to thank you all, all the departments for joining Orange and family. presented the news until people were informed and helped to relieve Som and the family's suffering.

But if any philanthropist wants to help the parents' family in the cost of taking care of himself and his family Can be transferred to Kasikorn bank account, Ms.Kingkaewin Khlai, account number 027-8-46659-0 or call Prasan Nang Aranyattham, Deputy Village Manager , at No. 5, Ban Mai Subdistrict, tel 086-757-2402

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