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Know Your Body The Secret to Good Health "Praew Priya Chum Na Na Ayutthaya"

Every time I meet in front of a beautiful celebrity " Mind-Praeree Preechum Na Ayutthaya " We will see her with a nice body Bright smile And lively and energetic Sparkle of happiness To the extent that we can not not to wonder how she can keep her beauty and happiness this holiday

today Mind girls will reveal to live secrets. Recipes create happiness for us to listen to. "For the mind, the most important thing is Good Health Here both external and internal health. When it comes to the mind Mind is lucky to have a good husband and beautiful children. Business is developing well. Not a problem for stress When it comes to physical health, happiness cannot help. Must only be done by ourselves And Mind believes that people can build good health and strength …

Mind is a person who takes care of their physical health seriously, both for strength Safe against your own illness And also for the family We have two men and two sons who have to look after, so if we get sick or get something Not only us, but it also affects the family, because if we are not healthy we can not raise children completely, whether it is about rest, food or training. The mind will be full of everything. "

During training Beautiful celebrity whispered it" In fact, Mind is not someone who likes to exercise. But we know that training is important Although I do not like it, must e Mind disciplining myself With Mind going to the gym It has a trainer to take care of Helps us to know how to exercise the right posture, where to focus. Need to increase or decrease something.

Remember to give experts and the right knowledge as guidance Better than ourselves. Because sometimes we may not be able to do it correctly. Which means that the intended result is not achieved Waste time Sometimes it can cause damage. "

Minds gym is 2-3 times a week for 1½-2 hours each time. She starts by running for 30 minutes and then working out for weight training. Before closing with cardio To complete the formulas for training. It also goes to cycling classes 1-2 times a week at regular intervals

"Regular exercise In addition to taking care of our health and dolls Still helps us keep active in taking care of companies and family Having two sons in the puck requires very high energy Exercise makes us not tired easily. And the important thing is make us more capable of eating what we want (laughs). "

. The mind tells how she eats choices:" Focuses on eating up to 5 groups but showing the balance and then looking at the components of each food eaten As Mind is like eating sweets Would not stop If you want to eat you should eat For it is our happiness But must know that after eating, must give up everything else instead Or work out more Meaning edible But must feel balance Creating happiness for yourself We get to eat what we like. But still have to take care of our bodies and health too Will not be able to enjoy. "

Another important thing is to get enough rest. As a maid said Although I know it should sleep at least 8 hours a day But as a mother who has to wake up and take care of children Go to school early Including corporate governance and social work in the evening Because of some days it may not follow the rules of Beauty Sleep but will try to get as much sleep as possible

Physical examination is also another option for the mind to understand your health and your Whether the annual health check That she chooses to check carefully once a year To check your own condition Including disease prevention Reduce the risk of illness in the future She still relies on modern medical technology to help take care of Health As Blood Samples for Toxic Substances Screening for Cancer Risk Monitoring Levels of Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants Up to a Gene genetic test for genetic abnormalities For the detection of latent food allergies This is the concept of preventive health care (preventive medicine)

. "Mild chose to check out affiliated hospitals. BDMS as Bangkok Hospital Which is close to the accommodation Samitivej Hospital BNH Hospital Phyathai Hospital Paolo Hospital, etc. also uses the service frequently. Can use the service anywhere near work these hospitals are all of a high standard And there are many services to choose from Convenient and fast Just go in to draw the blood and wait just a few days to know the result which he sends results to both online And has in the form of a postal document It makes it easy to read There is a chart that makes charts with explanations, and if in doubt, can call to consult for more Via hotline with experts to advise

Health surveys are available in many forms depending on age, lifestyle and Individual Risk Factors. As a Medical Examination Living Longer with Live Long Anti-Aging, Special Health Examination, Specialty, Cancer e or abdominal detection And the second is general basic health examination

Mind, besides the annual health check Also did latent food allergy study also Which is a very useful study Since we can not know hidden allergies to food by ourselves Since can be observed or found to be the same cause as general food allergy, allergies may not be as pronounced as fever, vomiting, rash or difficulty breathing. But latent allergies can make us feel sick. Can't Sleep And Much Accumulation Can Cause Illness

This There will be up to 232 tests for food to see if our body is allergic. Or not with what kind of food To reduce or avoid Not to let our body get something that causes abnormal function And makes us healthy and strong The most complete. "

For more information, please contact

Bangkok Hospital Phone 02-310-3000
Samitivej Hospital Phone 02-022-2222
BNH Hospital Phone 02- 022-0700 [19659021] Phayathai Hospital Phone 02-201-4600
Paolo Hospital Phone 02-271-7000

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