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"Jack Rider" near killed by insect bites – infected with people eating bacteria – news

After DJ was in a good mood, Jack Rider traveled to Japan. Then bite off an insect Until they are infected with human carnivorous bacteria Almost amputated Must stay in the hospital for up to 60 days and spend over 1.3 million baht ever. Most recently, Jack Ryder came to open his heart through the talk show on Channel one31 which features PK Piyawat. , Thanya Thanyaret and Chompoo before the host.

Elder Jack updated his symptoms a little. Do you have the same symptoms as Boy Pakorn right? Mr. Boymi has a phone call to also consult Jack?
Jack: Actually Boy, he already knows my news. But he still doesn't know the details Once he started He started to notice it Hi … He also went to Japan. It has strange symptoms, so call me. And then wash me how the older one feels Until he told me I was the same. Where's Jack?
Jack: My under legs I can't remember the coordinates. I remember the day I walked in Tokyo. Of the boy is onsen But I do not use onsen. That day wearing long trousers as usual I have speculated that where it might come from our public toilets And we did not see.

Like Mr. Jack and Boy's, who's harder?
Jack: My stuff is heavier. Boy orange But mine is like a basket of oranges again Of mine and boy were there also bumps in the middle, this inflammation, the remaining red spots Which redness is hot and burning And continued to spread Becoming bigger and bigger And mine before I actually cut After starting to feel pain for about 5 days, my hair was completely red and all the legs were gone. Boy part, when I first looked, the night I cut it was half my hair.

When I cut it, it was all red. In the middle?
Jack: The doctor used the method to first look down the middle. The doctor explained to him that if he is infected during Where is the infection the doctor will be able to put his hand. Normal human meat When you buy pork, it can not penetrate, right? But if the meat is infected it will be messy. The doctor can penetrate. The deeper the piercing, the more infected. The doctor must cut off all infected areas. This disease is treated with a biopsy in conjunction with an antibiotic. As I cut all three times, the first time about 1 palm, then deep into the muscle layer If you lift the muscles are the legs.

If the muscles hit the bones?
Jack: Yes, if you eat all the muscles First, if it hits my muscles, I can't go normally But if it goes deeper than that As the doctor said in the first place, the risk can be amputation

and why must it be done three times?
Jack: The first time the doctor dissected It seems that the news of the infected blood in the boiling stream is not being reduced as it should be. The doctor looked at the symptoms for another 2-3 days and then it did not subside. The doctor then said that I would like to do another surgery. Because it's still infected Oh … These two rounds are heavy.

Does it look like a person being burnt with meat?
Jack: It's similar. The doctor said

How painful is the treatment process?
Jack: The first wound I saw. That means we do not know when we cut through the night and then block our backs And when you push into our room, half of the tea Until another day, the doctor opened the wound. Then rinse the wound on the bed The first time I saw it, I lay in bed wondering why it was so deep. I was so shocked. The heavier the doctor had to wash the fresh wounds every day without stunning. It was nothing so intense. A little sore Being hit by drugs, still hurt And my doctor has to scrape the dead cells Then let it grow again I stick to the bed and wrestle every day.

Show that the boy must be beaten like this too?
Jack: Mr. Boy size. He's smaller than me. And he himself said it didn't hurt that much, since he's not as deep as me.

If you secretly go to Italy, does this have to be amputated?
Jack: Yes, because when the hospital is ready When the doctor said this is a lot Is a carnivorous bacteria Then we did not know how cruel it was. We said it, go on, Doctor. Regardless of the three days I come to Italy, the doctor said immediately. Doctor seriously, I can't go. That the doctor treated. If people over the age of 80 have this disease, most of them die. Because it will also be accompanied by an infection in the bloodstream. Then most people in the provinces, the elders are not easy to maintain until it does not die.

Does this infection come with an insect or insect bite and then the infection comes in?
Jack: There's news. Use the word cannibal, but actually, in the case, the boy and the doctor also say it We are infected with human flesh that eats bacteria. It is believed that the bacteria are attached to the insect that bites us. And while you bite, the nature of the people smacks. I think the bacteria get caught in the wound and then get stuck in our flesh.
Can this happen to anyone?
Jack: Yes, Thailand does not need to be moved. Insect bites Just as our body opens, the wound will also become stuck. There are many Thais. In Bangkok, most people return. Boy said that when the boy is there there are older siblings Come talk to the LINE industry Many people used to be But will heal quickly

Initial symptoms How was it when you were bitten?
Jack: I felt it took a day to get hurt. And after that I felt that it was probably an insect bit of Redness that made us feel abnormal. Scratched only the first part that was hit It hurts later. Then the look I was listening to was like an abscess but this abscess is purulent outside It will clearly see pus. But my puss will be in. We don't see puss at all on the wound. But saw that it swelled up At that time it ate inside.

How much did it all cost?
Jack: A total of seven out of seven hospitals will be completed with four million. Stay in the hospital for a full 60 days, but there is insurance that can help.

Leave a comment for the audience?
Jack: Doctor, let's talk later. I am fine After I was a boy, a news doctor told me that there was a feedback from the doctor that the fever was coming faster. Don't get infected anymore. Most of the state hospitals that accept to be amputated. He's rotten. And felt that this wanted to be shared I at least want you to talk to each other. Which, at least, is to note that if he was bitten by a wound, it then felt inflamed And the red marks spread day by day Redness continues to grow. Go to the doctor.

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