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Get to know SFTS, a tick-borne virus in China Deadly

Get to know SFTS, a tick-borne virus in China Deadly

From the caseGlobal Times website China’s report on August 5 said that 37 people were infected with the new tick-borne SFTS virus in the eastern provinces of China. And seven people have died, experts warn that the virus can be transmitted from person to person. (Read more, new! The virus is carried by ticks. The outbreak in China is extinguished, 7 experts point out from person to person)

On August 9, the reporter reported that the page “Virology and Cell Technology Lab – BIOTEC“Send a message about”Get to know “SFTS”, a deadly viral disease (new?) In China.

The whole world has been busy dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak in recent days in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces in eastern China. Another epidemic has been reported. With more than 60 cases and at least seven deaths, the disease has long been known as severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome or abbreviated SFTS.

SFTS is a tick-borne virus from the Bunyavirus family. The official name of the virus has not yet been used as SFTS virus (SFTSV). This family of viruses is genetically represented by three negative RNA strands of different sizes. Function for creating enzymes that viruses use to multiply the second genetic material (Medium), long 3,378 base, responsible for building proteins on the virus shell. Used to enter the cell and the third (Small) long 1,744 base to create proteins, nucleocapsules and other proteins that help the virus increase in volume.

With the properties of these strands of genetic material The phenomenon where this virus exchanges genetic material with each other in its host cell. If more than one type of virus infects the same cell and a new strain is formed. (Reassortant) can happen. It is similar to the flu virus that grows rapidly. This virus is not actually a new virus. Chinese researchers have found the virus for more than ten years, but it has not caused as many diseases in humans before. With only 1-2 people, the epidemic in more than 60 people and more than 10% of deaths is panic for many virologists. What happened to this virus?

SFTS patients have high fever, weakness, decreased platelets and white blood cells. Severe patients will experience bleeding similar to dengue. Organ failure and nervous system disorders There is currently no vaccine available for this virus, but there is an antiviral drug called Ribavirin which is known to be effective as a treatment. … Because this virus is thought to be transmitted to humans with ticks as an important carrier The current evidence of person-to-person transmission indicates it could happen But it is thought that it will not spread as fast as COVID-19 as it spreads through infected blood contact. Not the airways But with an unusually high mortality rate We must continue to monitor the situation in China to see if the fall will be even higher.

Get to know “SFTS”, a deadly viral disease (new?) In China, as the whole world is busy figuring out how to deal with the epidemic …

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