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“Funky Wah” draws “Kan The Parsons-Sikglai” to conjure up “Magic”

Falling in love with someone is like being wired. For whatever you do, where there is always a question about that person in your head is like a song MAGIC (Magic) of Funky Wah Wah (Funky Wah Wah) It demands magic through music in style Synth-Motown A fun rhythm with the sweet song from can Parkinson (The Parkinson) Let̵

7;s share the emotions in this song together. Besides being a rapper Ziggavoy (Sound) The rappers who come to help spell spell to the audience to enchant themselves with this magic happily.

By B.Funky wah wahNote This song is a little over “music Magic It’s a song on the album. SYNTHDERELLA Is a sweet love song that describes the moment to fall in love with someone Like to touch a charming object The first time I met I fell in love with it. The reason this song has to be Kan The Parkinson is because when we stopped the music we felt that Kan was the one who sang this song. And I also like to sing by Kan is soft, smooth when you listen to your ear. And I think the listener will definitely fall in love with this song like me. “

Is another great song from the album SYNTHDERELLA (Cinderella) av Funky Wah Wah (Funky Wah Wah) It’s really worth listening to Who can click to listen to music MAGIC (Magic) Got it at JOOX, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Tidal, TrueID Or listen to other songs off Funky Wah Wah Okay, too Along with music videos from Youtube channel of Spicy disc And click to follow other news information on /www.facebook.com/fwwdiscography and www.facebook.com/spicydisc.fangpage

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