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Drink less water, risk "kidney stones"

Drink less water May increase the risk of kidney stones and other diseases of the urinary tract. Should drink enough water Or at least about 6-8 glasses a day for good health.

What causes kidney stones?

The cause of kidney stones can be many factors. But one of the most common causes is drinking too little water Causes sedimentation of various minerals, which can fall into different organs of the urinary system In addition to other common organs such as kidney stones, gallstone Tonsilsten

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Danger with kidney stones

Previously, stones have been blocked in an area by the kidneys. Can cause the organ to become inflamed And if there is a high inflammation, kidney failure can also occur.

Drink less water Causes of kidney stones?

Drink less water May increase the risk of minerals lowering in stone more than people who drink enough water In addition, people who consume foods that may have gallstones, for example, eat foods that contain high calcium oxalate, phosphate and uric acid. Including eating too much protein, sugar and salt It can increase the risk of kidney stones. Or in other organs.

Kidney stone symptoms

If any stones are present. Often have abnormal symptoms in the organs such as abdominal pain, back pain, urination, urination, blood Sometimes it may look like the urine from stones coming out as well, like a small sand for kidney stones. Abdominal pain, back pain or gallbladder complications can occur, such as kidney infection or urinary blockage due to prolonged occlusion of the stones causing kidney failure.

How to reduce the risk of kidney stone disease

Drinking enough water every day Helps to reduce the risk of kidney stones Including being careful not to eat foods that may cause stones when you eat a lot, like protein, salt, sugar, calcium oxalate, phosphate, uric acid, etc.

How do we know if we drink enough water. Or not ?

In general, we can estimate the amount of drinking water with an overview that we should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. And every person's lifestyle is different, for example, people who exercise Lose sweat Maybe want to drink more water than ordinary people Therefore, to see if we drink enough water or not. It can be observed from the urine color which has a yellowish color or not. Is it too much pungent smell? In this case, drink more water until the urine color is clear. Less pungent odor

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