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"Chikungunya" is not deadly like dengue fever. Joint pain does not occur for everyone.

family Pointed out "Chikungunya disease" is not deadly like dengue fever. Joint pain does not occur in everyone. If it is not very painful it can still work normally. Indicate if it is sick, shows that there is around housing or work There is a breeding ground for Aedes Ae

today (September 17). Dr. Atsadang Ruay-arjin, Deputy Head of the Department of Disease Control (Khor.) Said Chikungunya disease or fever, joint pain, Aedes mosquito which is Shi ya Kun Kun Is a disease caused by the Chikungunya virus It has a mosquito carrier Originally found many patients in the southern region But now patients can be found in all regions of Thailand The incubation period after infection is similar to dengue fever, which is about 1

week. The current disease situation is more common in many areas, but this disease does not cause death. Like dengue fever, with symptoms like red rash, joint pain, sometimes so much pain that you do not want to move. This joint pain will not happen to everyone. However, most people are more likely to experience pain in adults than in children. Therefore, people without illness can still function normally.

Dr. Atsadang said Chikungunya patients If it is not a lot of joint pain Can still work normally And we do not prohibit going to community sources Or where there are many who gather As a respiratory disease But the risk is that if Aedes mosquitoes bite people with Chikungunya mosquito bite others people will also get others infected. The most important thing is that when these cases occur, there is a nesting place for the mosquito mosquitoes around the accommodation or workplace. Then you need to check if breeding sites for these Aedes mosquitoes Since Aedes mosquitoes can cause up to 3 diseases, including Chikungun, dengue fever and Zika virus, must therefore be eliminated successfully. Otherwise, there is an opportunity to meet other patients. Go to

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