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Communications has Rama 4 model for fixing traffic jams in Bangkok. – news

Mr Pisak Jitwiriyasawin Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport Exposed for INN News Agency. After chairing the meeting on the implementation of the Rama 4 model, the Ministry of Transport discussed with Chulalongkorn University. In exchange for traffic information about Rama 4, including the cars coming from the checkpoints on the Hua Lamphong Expressway, the number of taxis driving, including …

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Returning again, ‘WHO’ admits that ‘Covid’ can be infected by air – Daily News

Returning again, ‘WHO’ admits that ‘Covid’ is infected by air. Don’t think everything is done Thai TBA may catch up with new research data, Covid-19, spread through the air In this morning’s BEC-Tero story “Doctor Manoon” says the recommendations of “WHO” should listen to the ears. After returning to accept “Covid-19” can be infected with air Online manager Researchers have …

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Covid-19 global disease exceeds 12 million in the United States, a day over 60,000 – Sanook

The global disease of Covid-19 surpassed 12 million people in the United States, one day over 60,000 people Today, 11.9 million of the world’s cattle are found in the United States. New cases of nearly 60,000 people can be found at thebangkokinsight.com. Covid-19 infected worldwide, accumulating 11.7 million US and surpassing 3 million Sanook patients Today, 11.7 million are found …

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Department of Disease Control, Khovid-19 spreads air to prevent infection by spraying – News Channel 3 CH3 Thailand NEWS

09 Jul 202010 times In the former case, 239 scientists from 32 countries around the world Confirmed, with evidence showing the New species of coronary virus 2019 or Covid-19 in small droplets from cough or sneezing that can float in the air for a long time Until can be transmitted to others People who breathe small drops that have been …

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