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Understand! Channel 3 Super Fan Live! Serve variety live! Show “fortune telling fortune”

Thai Television Station Color Channel 3 launches new Channel 3 Super Fan Live project! New Normal Entertainment, New Normal, for Channel 3 fans who will come closer than ever with the full range of interactive entertainment, including drama, fan meetings, variations and Superstar Exclusive Live! Watch all free live networks only on AIS PLAY. Debut your first project with a …

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3 SBFIVE guys – Bas-Kimmon-Cottto

3 SBFIVE guys – Bas-Kimmon-Cottto July 9, 63 at G Floor, Lan Avenue, Zone A of MBK Center 3, includes the songs for SBFIVE members Kim Worodom Needle,Copter Panuwat Kerdthongthawee and Bas Suradech Phiwat Join the Idol Exchange press conference and give media interviews after the breakup trend event. Along with the second story, Tee Tee Thanaphon and Tae Davit …

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GMMTV joins AIS PLAY in a new series. Pretty good – Tonchon Ton

GMMTV joins AIS PLAY in a new series. Pretty good – Tonchon Ton Happy to follow the launch of the new Y-series of GMMTV, which this time in collaboration with AISPLAY Original by launching the series to 2 in its entirety, the first is Navigator With two boys Pok Supakorn Sriphotong and Rice Cracker, Thanawat Rattanakitphaisan Is the first time …

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World Tale: Cinema Paradiso

July 9, 2020 | By World Pulse column | Kanokwan Kerdphalanan 7 After serving 51 years in Bangkok, the “Scala” cinema was on its last stage on July 5, showing the Italian movie “Cinema Paradiso” before the audience permanently quit. This movie talks about the bond between movie lovers and cinemas And the collapse of the free-standing factory fits the …

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Johnny Depp is fighting the case and claims to have been divorced because his wife feces on the bed.

Johnny Depp, Hollywood superstar Launched a lawsuit against The Sun, the British giant Lloyd’s media. At the Supreme Court in London As for a publication published that he “attacked his wife’s body” in April 2015. But the question that is very high in this investigation Depp claims to have been divorced from Amber Heard, a 34-year-old American model, because the …

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