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Doctor Chang Tosaporn issued a 3-star warning this month.

Be careful of 3 zodiac signs – check out the horoscope for November. Doctor Chang Tossaporn Sritula comes out to warn 3 zodiac signs. This period must be careful, namely the Virgin (those born September 17 – October 17), the zodiac Aries (those born April 14 – May 14) and Libra (those born October 18 – November 16) " This …

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7 years waiting for "Peg Produce Luck" who are happy to debut the 4th album in life: PPTVHD36

"Pek-Produk Chayan-nayabut" released the 4th album "The Butterfly" in life after 3 years [7659002] 7 years waiting for "Pek-Chok-nok" happy to release the 4th album I life "itemprop =" thumbnail "/> waits 7 years for" Peg Production Luck "who is happy to release the 4th album in life Today singer, beloved superstar Peck – Produced by Lucky A Son has …

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"Elder Weir" What !? "Rasamee" is dressed in a beautiful cover like "Bella Ranee", full of clothes, her face looks exactly the same – Post Today

How about "Elder Weir" !? "Rasamee" is dressed in a beautiful cover like "Bella Ranee", full of clothes, my face looks exactly like Post Today Bella does not stick! Veer looks more beautiful than everything | 11-11-62 | Thairath Thairath Entertainment Rasamee asked Weir Sukonwat to separate? The latter must be dressed as Bella Ranee "Bella" Embarrassed "Weir" drops …

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Unfortunately, "Nong Pao" toy "Pee Lap" lamented the most loved dog

Unfortunately, "Nong Phao" abandons the toy to complain about "older laps" the beloved dog is another warm family for "Po Nattawut Skidjai" and "Er Pornthip Skidjai" who published the most in-depth clip on "Nong Phao" The youngest son mourned the beloved dog as "Lap La" where "Mum Ae" has written captions under long clip clips Keeping a memory of her …

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