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“Thanakorn” shows 15 archives under “Uthom” – Online Manager

“Thanakorn” shows 15 archive works under the cloth of “Uthom” Online Manager Oomtom, Nayeon, lots of work! ‘Thanakorn’, a 15-minute show on thebangkokinsight.com Show 15 works from the Finance Ministry, the Uttom era, continue to rehabilitate the economy after the end of Covidach Prachachat. “Thanakon” explained 15 works of the Ministry of Finance, “Uthom” confirms the reform measures of the …

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The lively gold market Top selling products in the US are rising. Press the top price for almost 9 years – Thai Rath

The lively gold market Top selling products in the US are rising. Press the top price for almost 9 years, Thai Rath “Gold Award” hits four days, touching New High for almost 9 years, Bangkok Business Gold Price Analysis, July 9, 2020 by YLG Bullion Prachachat Business YLG reveals gold prices skyrocketing for almost 9 years YLG reveals the gold …

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2.73 million people do not have a “state welfare card”. The money is raised. Here’s an answer!

On July 4, 2020, the Director General’s Department transferred the covid-19 lottery amounting to 3,000 baht to the holder. State welfare card or Badly short Who has never received compensation from other projects for EUR 1.14 million, which is a one-time transfer within that day Many have already approved the criteria and received 3,000 baht in e-money. Unlike many others …

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Save uncertainty! People hugging cash Maximum deposit of 9 years

The deposit jumps 12%, the highest in 9 years. Kasikorn Thai Research Center pointed out that people are still worried about the uncertain risks. Causes small people and businesses Choose to collect cash Miss Kanjana Chokphaisansilp Head of Research Kasikorn Thai Research Center Said that in the past 2 quarters, the deposit amount is expected to increase by 3.4 billion …

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Thai shares in June 2020 are still strong – Post Today Stocks

Thai shares in June 2020 are still depressed. Date 09 July 2020 Time 07:43 hours. Thai shares in June 2020 closed the Yangseut Index at 1,339.03 points, down 0.3% from the previous month. Mr Sornpol Tuliyasathien, Deputy Chief, Head of Business Strategy Planning Thailand’s Stock Exchange (SET) revealed that the Thai stock market index in June 2020 was relatively stable. …

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Asia Plus – Thai Rath View

Asia Plus Thai Rath View Kovid Toxic Pulls Profit Recommend Avoid Aircraft – Elect Daily News ‘Asia Plus’ lowers corporate profit forecasts for 2020. Expected to grow to 6.8 billion countries. Risks fall after 1300, recommends reducing portfolio during the third quarter, focusing on strong stocks, positive news to support https://www.hoonsmart.com/ Event in July 63 hours to make money I …

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