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Bumrungrad International Advance to Smart Hospital 5.0, Provides Innovative Surgical Technology for Eye Disease

  Bumrungrad goes to Smart Hospital 5.0, improves surgical treatment technology for eye diseases

from the National Survey of Thailand Last, 2013, it was found that the prevalence of blindness At 0.6 percent of the total Thai population Or about 360,000 The aim of the World Health Organization (WHO) in WHO VISION 2020 is to control the incidence of blindness. Less than 0.5% and campaigns for no blindness From diseases that can be prevented and treated

as Thailand enters an aging society which results in an increase in the elderly population, which "age" is one of the main causes of eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration Often found in the elderly All three diseases are still the three main diseases that cause blindness or blurred vision. Eye disease can occur at all ages and ages. For eye diseases in children today Has often problems with myopia at an early age And in short, increases rapidly each year According to the Ministry of Health, the number of children with myopia has increased. Nowadays, it is found that Thai children under the age of 15 Short-term up to 30 percent, partly because of the use of eyes staring at the screen, such as mobile phones, computers for a long time. Why People Over 40 Or Those Who Begin To Have Abnormal Feelings For Eyes Should Come For Eye Health Check For Eye Disease Screening And Get Rapid Treatment

Assoc. Dr. Sudarat Yaiswang, director of the eye center. Bumrungrad Hospital revealed the "Bumrungrad Hospital To Recognize The Occurrence Of New Eye Diseases That Occur Every Year And Raise The Ophthalmologist Center Providing Comprehensive Care For All Eye Health Problems Through Operation Of The Eye Excellence Center Bumrungrad Hospital Consists Of 3 Dimensions Complete Knowledge 1. Services Provided technology innovation And modern treatment 2. Research and research of new works By Bumrungrad's medical team With new research and knowledge used for treatment and service And 3. Providing medical knowledge By arranging training Organizing regular conferences

for trends in the treatment of various medical conditions, including ophthalmic treatments Considered to have a very rapid development Both in terms of diagnosis and treatment Every year the hospital has provided new equipment Come in regularly Through the development of medical technology Focus on the treatment of small open wounds And the laser use ds in the treatment These innovations help the treatment period is not long. The treatment results are more accurate as desired. Less risk of side effects after surgery The patient recovered faster. Shorter recovery time You do not need to stay in the hospital Which is a cost reduction

Ophthalmic Center Bumrungrad Hospital Has an ophthalmologist team 49 people who will provide care for patients according to doctors' expertise and experience. Including cataracts, glaucoma Plastic surgery and reconstruction of the retina, cornea and eye correction surgery Iris, ophthalmic diseases, ophthalmology in children. Which will be able to provide comprehensive comprehensive treatment services So that eye patients are sure that you will receive good care. "

Dr. Sombat Srisuwanphon Physicians specializing in ophthalmology. Bumrungrad Hospital discusses the treatment of cataracts. No medicine can be cured. If he could see better Patients had to be treated with just one surgery. What medical developments in cataract surgery From the past to the present, a lot of changes are happening. In the beginning, the technology was not good. So it's surgery without a lens. Called Intracapsular Cataract Extraction (ICCE) is a surgical removal of the entire eye lens. Open the wound on the upper edge of the black eye Approximately 12-15 mm And have to wear the Knmcrk glasses Does the patient see many exaggerated pictures Some things are out of frame. When the next era, over 40 years ago There is surgery according to method Extracapsular Lens Extraction (ECCE) begins to wear lens But the wound opens with a blade The wound will be wide and must sew about 5-7 stitches. At present, both methods are not popular.

for the technique that is currently popular in gray cataract surgery. Is treating cataract splitting with ultrasound or ultrasound. ( Phacoemulsification) or "Phacoe-feco" . This method helps ophthalmologists break down parts of the lens that are foggy or deteriorate. The surgical wound is starting to get much smaller. About 2-4 mm The ophthalmologist then implants the intraocular lens instead of the old, cloudy or impaired lens. With an artificial eye lens that will last a lifetime You do not need to change again After the surgery helps to look faster. And gray laser surgery and implantation of artificial lenses with laser ( Femtosecond laser) also known as "Femto-Femto", can help the doctor open the wound to the desired size. Make it more accurate This operation requires low energy. Corneal trauma is minimal Femto treatment uses laser technology to assist in surgery. The doctor can open the wound exactly and can open the lens bag to the desired size. Improve lens placement, after which the gray cataract lens is cut into smaller pieces Before using the cataract machine to remove the lens using ultrasound It is a new way to treat cataracts.

Assoc. Parin Rojanaphongphan Physicians specializing in ophthalmology. Bumrungrad Hospital revealed "The technological innovation of the Femtosecond laser is considered to be the evolution of technology to take another step. Use the computer to control the operation. And with 3D technology to scan the eyes with Optical Coherence Tomography, which allows accurate and exact tissue cutting The micro level is calculated and the surgical plan is more precise and accurate.

Topical Treatment Not only to dissolve opaque cataracts but the ophthalmologist also focuses on designing vision for each patient to fit their lifestyles such as foresight. During the day, at night, with a mobile phone or with a computer screen Including the need for different sports The ophthalmologist will try to design a suitable and accurate intraocular lens for each patient called as individual design and therefore each patient may use different lenses. the eye and the right eye use different types a v lenses.

Most recently, the hospital adopted an ORA unit. System, which is an innovation in helping gray cataract surgery become more accurate. Is a complementary tool for gray laser surgery and implant surgery with laser lenses. ( Femto) for increased efficiency ORA is an innovation that can measure the patient's eyes during real-time surgery, reducing the errors caused by the standard measurement. Suitable for all patients Especially patients who have had LASIK surgery before or some surgery in the cornea, such as corneal surgery before The standard measurement is not as accurate as the ORA instrument

. Before gray surgery The doctor will measure the right artificial lens for each patient. In which ORA is a device inserted into the camera used in surgery. When the doctor removed the gray star lens from the patient's eyes the ORA tool will be projected to the patient's eye to test for visual confirmation. The position of the lens The angle of the lens and the power of the patient's optimal artificial lens And when the intraocular lens is inserted the ORA tool can also measure whether the inserted lens is accurate or not. If not correct Doctors can change lenses during surgery, so design and choose the right lens for that patient. True enough Considered as an art It requires both an ophthalmologist's experience and expertise when it comes to using new technology tools. This is the biggest challenge for the ophthalmologist team. Previously, we were considering doing well. "

MD. Tharinee Kulkamthorn, specialist in laser vision surgery Bumrungrad Hospital revealed that" With technology, communication has played a role in today's lifestyle. Must work in front of the computer Including communication via a smartphone or tablet for quick access to information What behavior to focus on the screen for a long time Or display mobile phones in inadequate light Can inevitably cause vision problems such as eye pain, amblyopia, dry eyes, fatigue, myopia in children in increased view of childhood. In principle, it is recommended to work with a computer screen. Or mobile phone for a long time Use the 20 20 20 principle, ie every 20 minutes close-up (mobile, computer, reading), rest your eyes for about 20 seconds. By looking at about 20 feet Within 20 feet To loosen the eye muscles Make work more efficient and non-aching eye muscles

for the ReLEx innovation SMILE is a laser vision correction technique developed from Lasik. Is a surgical technique to correct myopia and tilt with high accuracy laser. There are very small open corneas. About 2-4 mm Causes disorders of the nerves of the cornea As a result, dry eyes and eye irritation are rare. In which the vision after surgery is calculated exactly The result is improved and stable vision in no time Can return to normal life with flexibility

ReLEx refractive surgery SMILE while laser working The tool will touch the cornea and use less pressure. Therefore, the patient feels comfortable during the operation. After surgery, irritation and dry eyes are usually observed. Due to very small corneal ulcers And after the treatment the vision will be correct. This method is suitable for people who do not want glasses. Do not want contact lenses And people with myopia up to 1000 (-10.00 D) and astigmatism 500 (-5.00 D.) Initially, the doctor must diagnose the eye before treating whether it is appropriate to be treated with this method or not. Due to the fact that the thickness of the cornea and other eye conditions must also be taken into account, such as dry eye or not The treating person should be 20 years or older. And have a constant eye rate of at least 1 year And must not have diseases that are prohibited to treat, such as diabetes, poor sugar control, pregnant women or while breastfeeding The doctor will assess the suitability. "

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