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Bella responds to comments "Cute, no one is beautiful" | The Thaiger

Nadech Wangyaya said to be a good girlfriend The world's best

is considered a sweet story and makes fans shy to follow, not even girls. Yaya Urasaya After the person and Nadech Kugimiya sweetheart participated in the 1 year anniversary of Icon Siam together. Both parties also gave an interview. Yaya is shy about that. Listen to it.

just passed the birthday to dad Nadech How are you?

Nadech: really. It's not a birthday to celebrate anything. Then take father to eat and free time, so invite him to come too You just finished the job. Is a small party My father had already eaten Japanese food. Have eaten delicious cakes Also

Yaya: was happy. The atmosphere was lovely. Am a very good child Sit and eat Father all meals I am also happy.

How do you feel when I look at my father?

Yaya: I think that's a very good example. Do not disagree with each other but long to see children of this age but still give a hundred percent father and family a lot It is a very good thing.

Nadech: I hope Yaya will say that one day he is a good boyfriend. (Yaya screams and smiles)

Can't say that, right?

Nadech: Must it be released?

Nadech is a good boyfriend.

Yaya: is the world's best.

Before this, Yaya gave an interview that If you want to call a mother-in-law, ask mom first. Have we asked for it?

Nadech: You probably teased playing in the atmosphere of the interview. But if there really is an event or that time it must follow our humility too. Approaching us as a way is something we must do now.

Have you started planning?

Nadech: Not yet. Enjoy and life. Enjoy the work Enjoy traveling Happy eating.

People tease how we feel as our in-laws.

Yaya: is OK. It doesn't feel shy. To be honest, before this, we didn't believe To the People Who Say

To us two, this is still a long way off, right?
Yaya: It is far away and does not push each other

to tease them. ]

Nadech: It's already banned, right? Everyone would like to call it. It's fun But it doesn't have to be a lot of fun Until you've had problems for others too If teasing, teasing so much fun Don't be serious about expecting.

Are we worried or pressed?

Nadech: Don't worry, don't push. Most people don't think about this kind of thing. We then talk about focusing on work. More than Don't focus on people having to say it was the granddaughter What is it

rushed by others Is it effective?

Nadech: No one can make a decision for the two of us. In the end we had to talk. Decided together.

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