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Azalea “Jupiter closest to the world during the year” on July 14

July 14, Dr. Adenium Jupiter, closest to Earth in 63, bright and clear in the southeast. All night until dawn Can be observed with the naked eye throughout Thailand

The Facebook page from the National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) or Dr. said that on July 14, 63 azalea “Jupiter closest to the earth during the year” seems brighter. Southeast All night until dawn If the sky is clear without clouds, rain is observed. Can come with the naked eye all over Thailand

By Dr. it revealed

Jupiter will orbit in the opposite direction to the sun (Jupiter Opposition), with the world separated in a straight line. The result was Jupiter̵

7;s position closest to Earth during the year. About 619 million kilometers from the world.

“When the sun returns to the horizon, Jupiter will be visible in the southeast horizon. Mature light, visible to the naked eye clearly. With the apparent brightness of about -2.8 (the apparent brightness of celestial objects that people can see with the naked eye, about 6 “The apparent brightness of the full moon is about -12.6). It’s very suitable for observation,” Dr.

Azalea # Jupiter, closest to Earth during the year

Get to know Jupiter

According to Dr. Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system 2.5 times the total mass of the remaining planets. But is only 1/1000 times the mass of the Sun While the size of this star is so large that it can hold all the remaining planets together.

Jupiter is a giant gas planet like Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, which means that Jupiter has no fixed surface. But will have the properties of a large gas ball consisting of 75% hydrogen and 24% helium

The bright clouds of Jupiter are called “Zones” consisting of ammonia crystals. While researchers are still unsure why Jupiter’s dark cloud is called a “belt”, it is found that the chemical composition of the belt is sulfur, phosphorus and carbon.

Jupiter is also the fastest rotating planet in the solar system, with a day of Jupiter shorter than 10 hours. Seeing a big red dot move around The big red spot is a big cyclone. Similar to a hurricane The first red dot on Jupiter was discovered in over 300 years. At that time, the biggest red dot was the longest. Which is three and a half times the length of the earth’s diameter

Jupiter has at least 69 moons that have been discovered. The largest group of Jupiter’s moons (Io, Europanagan and Cullisto) was discovered in 1610 by Lilo, Italian astronomer. The first spacecraft to reach Jupiter was Pioneer 10, arriving in 1973. Thereafter, a total of 7 vehicles are arriving in Jupiter so far. The latest aircraft to reach Jupiter is Juno, which reached Jupiter in 2016.


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