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AIDS Foundation of Thailand Charity Running Charity With this year's ongoing event "AIDS-ALMOST ZERO RUN, Running to conquer AIDS"

AIDS Foundation of Thailand held a press conference for good activities For Thais with this year's competition event "AIDS-ALMOST ZERO RUN, Run to conquer AIDS" on Siam Square One BTS, which connects the ground floor G floor of "Khun Prombunpanichpak", director and secretary AIDS Foundation of Thailand Honorary Chairman at the ceremony There are also "Noodee Wanisa Race" and "Dr. Anawarathira Tantikanon", the project's brand ambassador, participated in this press conference

for "AIDS-NEXT ZERO Run to Conquer AIDS" was organized to increase among the Thai people on the prevention of new HIV infections among children and adolescents. And to raise funds / resources for HIV prevention work And to help children Youth and families affected by AIDS in difficult conditions
AIDS-ALMOST ZERO RUN is a charity event and raises awareness for the community to participate in leading Thailand through the last turn.
The new HIV program will have two main activities: the AIDS-Nearly Zero Run event and the AIDS-Nearly Zero Virtual Run.It invites people from all walks of life to participate in the activity. And to support this operation

is considered the first step in social funding. It will make people in the community participate and be part of the efforts to end AIDS in the country continuously and expand throughout the country As everyone can participate By running to gather distance When you are ready Wherever, at any time Including participation in ongoing events on the day of the event
 x7 . What is special about this event is the ongoing activities under the program "A little more to conquer AIDS" or "AIDS-ALMOST ZERO", held on November 30, 2019 before World AIDS Day is December 1, 2019, to invite all people to participate in and raise awareness of AIDS And participate in the eradication of AIDS to become AIDS-Nearly Zero Run Events at the Ministry of Public Health Mueang Nonthaburi District Nonthaburi Province and the AIDS-Nearly Zero Virtual Run activity between December 1 and 5, 2019, all registered To Run Can Keep Distance And Send Results Through The Organizer
. This event is also partnered with "Nu Dee Wanisa Race" and "Doctor Ng-Pan. Ansawarathira Tantikanon" is the project's brand ambassador. And still have representatives in the media profession As a driving force to end AIDS in Thailand, for example "Dr. Muay Arisara Kamthon Charoenphenphan Laem Luang Phatthawee Bunprasert Ronachai Sirikhanat Napha Phong Thipaphon Chutima Phungsuk Phung Suk Thirawat Phungthong For those interested "AIDS-ALMOST ZERO RUN, Running to conquer AIDS" can come in To see details and ask for more or call 02-279-7022-3

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