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& # 39; Doctor Chalermpol & # 39; warns the South to be careful about leptospirosis. After death 6 people

On October 10, Dr. Chalermpol Osothpromma, Acting Director of the Office of Disease Prevention and Control (Cor. Cor.) 12, Songkhla to the situation of Leptospirosis. (Leptospirosis) or leptospirosis in zone 12, from January 1 to September 30, 257 patients were found, with 6 deaths, Trang 2, Narathiwat 2, Phatthalung 1 and Yala 1. Person

headaches, pain, thigh pain And extreme calf, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, red eyes, some may have bleeding spots on the skin, coughing blood or yellowing the eyes yellow Chalermpol.

Dr. Chalermpol continued to Prevent leptospirosis Avoid areas with water as mice, pigs, cows and buffaloes can lose. It results in a high concentration of infection. Avoid wading through flooded waterways or mud and wet areas. Especially when there are wounds, scratches, scratches. If you have to go through the alleyways, paddies, paddies, rice fields should wear boots, gloves or protective clothing. Farmers touching livestock Or dirt, should wash hands, wash feet, shower the body immediately after work Must keep the house clean. Get rid of waste for not being a food source for rats. Store food and drinking water completely. Don't let the rat urinate Drink boiled water And eat freshly cooked food. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling meats, carcasses and animals of all kinds.

"Leptospirosis Caused by a bacterial infection called Leptospira. Enter the body through wounds, scratches, scratches on the skin, mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, mouth or by penetrating the skin which has been soaked for a long time. rainy season And especially after low tide People at risk of infection in farmers who have to wade through water, contain water or wet soil It has the potential to contaminate animal urine, including cattle, pigs, dogs, goats, rats, as well as those working on pets, slaughterhouses , which has dissected animals that have leptospirosis. Making them vulnerable to infection, "said Chalermpol.


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