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2 secrets "special breathing" helps to reduce stress, calm the brain, clear

Psychiatrists suggest two special breathing methods Breathing, alternating nostrils And breathing through the nose through the mouth to help reduce stress, calm the brain, bright, active, drowsy

today (September 16), Dr. Kitti Poopo, head of Nakhon Ratchasima Rajanagarind Hospital to the method Observe it Myself or those around you are stressed or not an expression of emotion. People with stress tend to be irritable, easily irritated because of their lower tolerance. When stress does occur, people tend to have less opportunity to control themselves. Under stress, the body releases hormones that are substances for suffering. Will cause internal organs to function as the heart changes The heart beats stronger and faster than usual, from 60 to 80 times per minute, increases to 1

00-120 times, with palpitations, often sighs and results in muscle spasms. Back pain, shoulders, wrinkle of the eyebrows, also known as the eyebrows with a bow. As can often be seen Some people, if stressed too much, can cause diarrhea.

Dr. Kitti says There are many ways to resolve stress, like exercising, doing hobbies, watching movies, listening to music, including two special breathing styles: 1. Inhalation that alternates breathing with your finger to press the right nostril. Breathe in and out through the left nostril. Then switching between each other will help balance both sides of the nettle and help focus more on the breath And grasp the feeling of breathing easier

and 2. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth By inhaling slowly and deeply through the nose And hold for a moment, then exhale forcefully through the mouth. Repeat this way and breathe. This will train your lungs. Inhalation slowly, deeply, allows the breath to fill the lungs. The benefits of breathing will increase the oxygen exchange time in the lungs. As for the exhaled breath, it will help to relieve the pressure of the lungs. The good effect of this type of breathing will make us feel awake and active as a cure for drowsiness as well.

"While Exercising Stress Relief Will Result in Decreased Metabolism in the Body. The Heart Will Slow Down. Decreased Breathing Rate Lower Blood Pressure Levels Tightness or Contraction for Relaxation After Exercising Feeling More Calm Less Uneasy More Comfortable, better concentration, better memory, clear brain, exciting thoughts, "Dr. Kitti. And Breathing Exercises Are Effective Should Do Continuously for 4-5 Times, Exercise Every Time You Feel Stressed Or Feel Angry Worry Or Exercise Every Time You Remember Will Provide Both Relaxation and Prevention of Mental Illnesses Affecting the Body, such as Cancer, Hypertension.

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