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Tesla was ranked among the most trusted brands in the UK survey

Tesla has had some problems with the service lately, and has long been waiting for some easier fixes. These issues have been magnified by the internet and by Tesla's natural press / social media, which makes the situation seem pretty awful when individual horror stories are magnified by Tesla's popularity.

But according to the British newspaper Which car? 's annual reliability study, Tesla does quite well compared to other manufacturers. In a survey of 31 manufacturers, Tesla ranked 4th, with a score of 96.9%.

Which car? reliability study is similar to Consumer Reports "because it is based on a survey of thousands of readers. Which car? asked 1

8,115 readers about their real experiences with new cars. Their calculation includes both the number of errors and the cost and the difficulty in fixing those errors.

Unlike Consumer Reports What Car? 's formula treated Tesla fairly well. removed its Tesla Model 3 recommendation due to reliability issues and had done a similar thing previously with Model S. The magazine removed its Model S recommendation shortly after the car came out due to reliability issues with early cars, and then restored its recommendation after the early cars were deleted from the data.

In Which car? survey not only ranked Tesla fourth in the tot ala brand reliability, without the Model S was ranked as the most reliable electric car in the category "electric and hybrids" with a score of 98.9%. This was higher than i3, Leaf and Zoe.

Five hybrids outperformed the Model S with scores above 99%, with the category "hybrids and electrics" having pretty good reliability in general.

Electrek & # 39; s Take [19659008] Tesla gets a lot of flak for service problems, and a lot of it is deserved. They really have to work with their communication, because when a customer falls through the cracks, they often do it quite dramatically. And in today's social media climate, with Tesla having such a high profile, it's easy to magnify these awful experiences and make them seem the norm.

Typical owners usually have a fairly easy time with their cars, as EVs in general experience less need for service visits. For example, the typical ICE owner doesn't think of an oil change as an exceptional "reliability problem", but it still takes time out of your day and money out of your pocket to get it done. For an EV, it's not at all necessary – as Jay Leno recently pointed out.

I haven't brought in my 11-year-old Tesla for service in a few years now, and it works just fine. There are some problems that one would expect from an 11 year old hand built early model car from a startup company, but overall it has been a fairly simple experience owning this car.

There is definitely work to be done on Tesla's service experience, but this study shows that at least in the UK, reliability and service do not do nearly as badly as the horror stories might suggest.

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