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Tesla updates the battery software after a car fire, claims improve longevity

Several Tesla Model S cars have been branded on their own without accident recently and now the Tesla updates the battery program after the latest event.

Last month, a Tesla Model S was set on fire when examined as the cause of another fire near Pittsburgh.

A few days later, another Tesla Model S was captured on the video that burst into flames as independent when parked in Shanghai.

Media in Hong Kong reported another Tesla fire earlier this week and Tesla said it was investigating the situation.

"Our team was on hand to offer support to our customer and establish facts about this incident. We are happy that everyone is safe.

While our investigation with the authorities is ongoing, we have found that only a few battery modules Tesla battery packs are designed with a state-of-the-art design so that, in very rare cases, a fire occurs, spreads very slowly and ventilates the heat away from the cab, warning the efforts that there is a problem and giving them enough time to leave the vehicle.

Our customer's security is our top priority, and if we identify a problem we will do what is necessary to deal with it. "

After the event, Tesla confirmed that they had released release a BMS software update to revise the charging and heat management settings:

"When we continue our investigation of The root cause is based on the abundance of caution to charge and heat management settings on the Model S and Model X vehicles via a software update over the air that is beginning to roll out today, to further protect the battery and improve battery life. "

The car manufacturer says it is starting to drive the software update over the air to its entire fleet of Mode l S and model X vehicles today.

Tesla reiterated that they believe their vehicle is" 1

0 times less likely to experience a fire than one. gas car ":

" We currently have just over half a million vehicles on the road, which is more than double the number we had at the beginning of last year, and Tesla's team of battery experts use that data to carefully investigate events that occur and understand the root cause. Although fire accidents with Tesla vehicles are already extremely rare and our cars are 10 times less likely to experience a fire than a car, we believe the right number of incidents to strive for is zero.

Although there have been several cases of fires involving Tesla vehicles recently, the vehicle was all model S or model X. No model 3 fire has so far been reported as far as we know.

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