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Tesla now manufactures Supercharger V3 and energy products at Gigafactory 2

Since the original intention of Tesla's Gigafactory 2 is not yet training, Tesla adds new manufacturing products to the factory, including making Supercharger V3 and energy products.

Yesterday, a Reuters report emerged and highlighted how Teslas Gigafactory 2 is now used mainly by Panasonic to deliver solar products to other solar companies.

Originally, Tesla planned to use solar cells manufactured by Panasonic at the factory to build their sunroof tiles in Buffalo, but the product has seen many delays.

Now we learn that the company is still using the factory by adding new product lines on site.

"In addition to balancing the production of Solar Roof, Tesla also diversifies its presence in Buffalo through the manufacture and assembly of overcharging components and energy storage components at Gigafactory 2. We are committed to investing in Buffalo and in the state, and the new power energy sites will deliver more high-tech jobs while supporting Tesla's energy storage products and the global Supercharging infrastructure. "

Tesla revealed in a document submitted to the state of New York that the first production line for its new Supercharger cabinet is now in operation and plans to distribute further lines later this year.

Earlier this year, Tesla launched its new, more powerful Supercharger V3 with a completely new architecture.

Buffalo News reported on the new archiving from Tesla:

"The new products are one way of giving more work and a more varied product line to the Buffalo factory at a time when Tesla's solar energy companies are slumbering. The company is less than one years away from a requirement that it essentially doubles the size of its current workforce or otherwise faces a $ 41

.2 million penalty from the state that built the $ 750 million factory in taxpayers' funds. "

Tesla and Panasonic were obliged to employ 500 people at the factory from last month and they said they employed 730 workers according to the application.

Electrek's Take

It's an interesting development and it sounds like a smart way to utilize the space until the solar power store picks up again.

Hopefully this also means that they will be able to raise the Supercharger V3 production and start using more stations, as far as we know there is still only one Supercharger V3 station so far. [19659003] What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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