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Tesla Model Y livestream: Here's what you missed

Teslas warmly awaited Model Y crossover SUV was just revealed at LA Design Studio in Hawthorne, CA. If you were not lucky enough to make a gold ticket to Elon Musk and Company's great disclosure and you lacked the first life stream, you will soon be able to see the embroidery on YouTube on Tesla's own channel with this link. 19659002] While waiting for it, we have the early details of new model Y . You can find out what happened by checking out Roadshows Twitter and Instagram Feeds.

While on it, we recommend that you keep tabs on Tesla's official Twitter account and CEO Elon Musks always spicy Twitter feed .

If you are wondering what all the essence is about, the upcoming model Y is strongly based on Model 3 then seen above. Compared to the company's electricity network at the first level Musk himself notes that model Y will be about 1

0 percent larger, costing about 10 percent more and has slightly less supply. There are a lot of other topics to be filled in, of course, and when we have initial specifications, we are expecting Musk and Friends to tweet and spread more information about model Y in the next few days.

Tesla fans, car enthusiasts and investors – both bull and bear – undoubtedly watched all the life stream carefully. We also guess a couple of late night lights were on in the SEC's office also . Even with these early details being revealed, there are still many questions to be answered about the Model Y and many questions about the state of the challenged automaker in general. We expect more information to crawl out in the coming days, but currently check out our revealing story here which we are constantly updating with new information.

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