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Tesla increases the prices in a row – not as high as expected

As previously announced, Tesla increased its prices over its car offering, but the average increase is not as high as previously announced.

Earlier this month, Tesla announced a drastic plan to move all its sales online to lower prices.

Initially, it was presented as a way of enabling the release of the new base model of $ 35,000, but it also included some major price reductions over Tesla's full range – up to nearly 50% for some of the higher End Model S and Model X in some markets.

These major price reductions resulted in some Tesla owners protesting against the stores in these markets.

Some days later, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla would partly turn the course and leave most stores open, which would result in a "small price increase" throughout the range with the exception of base model 3.

The price would increase by 3% on Monday, but Tesla announced that it was delaying the change to Wednesday night ̵


Tesla has now followed through, but the price increases are not as high as 3% most of the time.

As promised, the base $ 35,000 Model 3 is unchanged. As for the Standard Plus version, it now starts at $ 37,500 – only $ 500 more than before the update.

The prices of the other versions of Model 3 are now up to $ 1,500.

Model S and Model X vehicles also saw some small increase in the base price, but the average price increase overall is less than 2%.

As for the Autopilot package, Tesla now sells the Autopilot base for $ 3000 and the Full Self-Driving Capability package is $ 5,000

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