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Tesla Autopilot avoids traffic cones, recognizes program schedule without confirmation

A Tesla Model X owner's road trip through Carlisle in the UK recently demonstrated a portion of Navigate at Autopilot's impressive capacity, with the all-electric SUV seamlessly handling part of the highway that was under construction, cones and makeshift lanes included.

The video with the urgency was shared online by Tesla Model X owner and Tesla Driver reservation holder T3, who runs a popular UK-based YouTube channel. During the video, which involved tests of Tesla's driver assistant function and its Navigate the Autopilot system through the Carlisle area of ​​Western England, the Model X encountered a section of road populated with several traffic cones forming a makeshift lane.

Much to the surprise of the Model X owner, Navigation on Autopilot was able to detect the traffic cones, recognize the space between them and recognize the area as a lane instead of the actual painted lines on the road. While the Model X driver chose to take control of the vehicle shortly after, the fact was that the Navigator on Autopilot recognized and responded to the makeshift lane from the traffic cones.

This is particularly impressive considering that not all Navigate on Autopilot's full features are available in the UK. Tesla's owner and resident hacker GreenTheOnly for one, noted in May last year that a number of Autopilot's features, such as Autosteer, Summon and automatic lane changes, are adjusted to conform to the region's rules.

Teslas Navigate on Autopilot is arguably the most advanced electric vehicle manufacturer's function available today. With the ability to perform automatic lane changes as well as on ramp to off-ramp maneuvers, Navigating on Autopilot is a key step for Tesla in its efforts to achieve autonomous driving ability. This seems to be Tesla's intention with the feature given that the company moved Navigate on Autopilot to its full self-driving suite at the end of February. Prior to the move, the feature was simply part of Enhanced Autopilot.

The improvements to Navigate on Autopilot have so far been noteworthy, especially in the United States, where the feature does not work with the same restrictions as vehicles in the United Kingdom. In June last year, for example, an owner of Model 3 from Gosen, IN encountered a long stretch of highway that was under construction, and although the entire part of the road had no lanes and one side of the road was populated with traffic barrels, navigating on Autopilot was able to handle the area without any problems. Even more recently, a video shared by another Tesla owner showed that his Model 3 performed several smooth maneuvers in the lane of a highway, in what can almost be described as a "roller" of various kinds.

See Tesla Driver & # 39; s Navigate Autopilot Experience in the video below.

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