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Teresa Giudice & Her Daughters Posted on Instagram About Joe Deportation News – PHOTOS

There is no denial that the judge's order that Joe Giudice will be expelled to Italy after his prison arrest is deeply sad for his four children. Now Gia, Milania and Teresa Giudice have since talked Joe's expulsion via Instagram posts. As expected, there has been a lot for them to handle. Joe will be put out of jail in March 2019 and immediately deported according to an article People published on October 10th.

According to People Joe has 30 days since the referee's decision to appeal the decision, something his family wants him to do. (Bustle reached out to Teresa's rep for comment, as well as Bravo, but did not receive an immediate response.)

From now on, the star Real Housewives of New Jersey has not released a real statement about the imminent expulsion , but Teresa sent a photo of the Statue of Liberty with her hands over her face, along with a few bee-country emojis in the caption on October 1

4, which apparently refers to the news.

Teresa has done her best to continue her life as usual. On Friday, October 12, Teresa shared Instagram Stories watching her eldest daughter Gia cheering on a her high school football game.

A few days later, Teresa shared a photo of herself and Gia visited Rutgers University in New Jersey. The real housewife did not explicitly express her husband's expulsion, but she wrote "Take It One Day At A Time", which is very useful for the situation.

Teresa and Joes 12-year-old daughter Milania shared pictures of herself and her father on October 14 together with a cordial hope hoping to fight his Joe's expulsion. Milania wrote,

"My dad, who is the best daddy in the world, needs to get home. We are not finished fighting dad. I can not believe this happens. I can not imagine another day without you. to do everything we can to fight this dad! I love you with my whole companion. #Heartbroken. "

RHONJ The viewers have read and loved Milania as a standout comedian in his family for years. So to see her hashtag, the word "heart shortage" is really the heart.

Gia shared an old photo of himself and his dad with a very long subtitle. She wrote, "My father is no threat to society, he is one of the most warm hearts I know, he would never hurt a soul." The oldest Giudice daughter also said,

"My dad did his time and learned from his mistakes. Is not it to make you realize your mistakes so that you can become a better person?"

Apparently the Giudice family did not expect the deportation news since Gia revealed: "We have as many plans to do as a family when he comes out. I need my father to be here."

Gia concluded: "My father belongs to us and his whole family. My father entered this country when he was one year old, the United States is the only country he knows, spreading the word #bringjoehome."

It is No doubt that Joe has been a polarizing person among Real Housewives of New Jersey fandom throughout the eight years of the show so far, but it can not be denied that his family is heavily influenced by the impending expulsion. The fans have seen the Giudice girls grow up, and it's so sad to see them go through even harder times in such a public issue.

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