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Tennessee: Fatal Shooting Causes Chaos in Tennessee Mall

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) – A deadly shooter quenched the pandemonium inside a shopping mall in Nashville, Tennessee, provoking an irreversible police response in the city where a gunman killed several people in a wreck house less than two weeks ago. [19659002] Opry Mills Mall was evacuated, a police tactical team swept the facility, at least half a dozen ambulances were converged on site and the authorities said the adjacent Grand Ole Opry House and Congress Center were locked down.

Two 22-year-old men fought inside Opry Mills Mall before one of them pulled out a gun and injured the other. The police said the gunman gave up his weapon and abandoned himself saying he did not want any more trouble.

The city is still handling the April 22 attack at a Waffle House Restaurant of an almost naked gun with an AR-1

5. Four people were killed and four others injured in that shot.

Nashville police were asked if they had the waffle house attack in mind when they heard reports of an active shooter in the city's largest shopping mall.

"Yes, sure we are all people and there must be the thought of Waffle House, a few days ago, police spokesman Don Aaron said. But when the call came in, Aaron said police training kicked into high equipment.

Investigators are still trying to determine why the two men fought and what did Justin Golson claim to shoot Demarco Churchwell, but later on Thursday at a hospital. Golson was accused of crimes late on Thursday, police said on Twitter. It is not clear if he has a lawyer.

The shooter could not be heard over the battle scenes in a view of "Avengers: Infinity War", which was disturbed when officers in riot equipment entered the theater and told everyone to leave.

"I'm just thinking about Aurora, Colorado "said Dave O'rien, a crime and broke news reporter for the Record Courier in Kent, Ohio, who visited Nashville with his girlfriend to check CrimeCon, a convention of genuine crime Bizarre.

Brien said he took his media data and then hit some pictures and tweeted them.

"The outputs are blocked. Cops everywhere," said Brien. "There is a command post set. News trucks and police cars everywhere, only armed police officers. Their response time was extremely fast."

Jayla Chapple, 18, was at an employee's meeting behind Moe's Southwest Grill when two people rushed to say there was a shooter in the mall. Chapple, a shuttle at the restaurant, said the employees started running out through the rear exit.

"I really did not have time to think so much, but go out of there," she said.

Troopers were doing motorcycle training at the mall parking lot at the time, so they set a perimeter to support the responding police officers, Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt said. Bill Miller.

Metro Nashville Police said in a tweet thursday that there was no further threat, but officers swept through the mall to insure the shot.

Tonya Young said she drove to the scene when she heard about shooting because her 17-year-old daughter, Victoria Holt, works at one of the stores.

She later learned that her daughter was undamaged, but remained stuck while the officers did their job.

"Until I physically look at her, I will not be fine," Young said. "I want to meet her; I want to come to her."

The template was built at the former site of the Opryland USA theme park. With more than 200 stores, it's the tennis's biggest outlet, with a cinema, a famous wax museum, restaurants and more.

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