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Ted Dabney, founder of Atari goes away at age 81

Ted Dabney, who founded Atari in 1972, has died at the age of 81.

This news came from his close friend Leonard Herman. Herman wrote on Facebook that "I just learned that my good friend, Ted Dabney, founder of Atari, went away at age 81. RIP dear friend. Your legacy will live long!"

Dabney was influential in Atari- time and video game development but is often oacknowledged. Born as Samuel F. "Ted" Dabney on May 15, 1937, in San Francisco, he had hired the US Marine Corps after graduating from high school because of his interest in electronics and computer development.

Before Atari, Dabney co-found Syzygy Engineering in 1971 with Nolan Bushnell where they had launched one of the first commercial arcades called Computer Space. A year later, Dabney and Bushnell Atari began and soon after they released the widely known and extremely popular game Pong, developed by Allan Alcorn.

By the end of 201

7, Dabney was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. According to Eurogamer, Dabney decided not to treat it because he was told he had eight months to live.

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