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Taylor Swift used facial recognition techniques on unfamiliar fans to find stalkers

Taylor Swift has stumbled into the somewhat sensitive issue of privacy concerns with her high-tech effort to identify stalkers at her Rose Bowl concert in California.

Fans of the pop star were observed uncomfortable by face recognition technology at Swift's May performance in the arena, according to a Rolling Stone report. The system, which was built into a kiosk that featured rehearsal movies for Swift's reassessment tour, was intended to wipe out people threatening the pop star.

Images taken on Swift's performance, which spoke with a guest appearance by Shawn Mendes, were allegedly sent to a "Command Posting" in Nashville to cross-reference a database containing hundreds of people who had stalked the singer of the past, according to Rolling Stone.

"Everyone who passed by would stop staring at it and software would start working," said Mike Downing, chief security officer in Oak View Group, an advisory board for concerts, including the Madison Square Garden and the Los Angeles Forum, to the newspaper .

Downing said he was invited to participate in the concert by the Face Detection Program manufacturer, a technology used more and more at major events.

Swift has been the target of a disturbing number of stalkers. Earlier this month, a man named Roger Alvarado was forced to attempt burglary and criminal despair after breaking into Swift's New York City home in April, taking a shower and falling asleep.

The homeowner accepted a six-month retaliation in jail and is scheduled to be formally convicted later this month.

The same month as the Civil War in New York, a masked man was arrested with suspicions of stalking Swift after being found outside her home from home with ammunition, knife, rope and gloves in his car.

Concerts are technically private events, and organizers may monitor participants as they feel inappropriate without reporting them, The Guardian notes.

For Swift fans worried about their privacy, the singer gives a way to watch her rumor show from home. Swift announced on Thursday that a concert film of the trip goes to Netflix.

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