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Taco Bell officially enters the fried chicken wars

You don't usually see Taco Bell and fried chicken in the same sentence. Well, that's changing.

The Mexican fast-casual chain is officially testing out its new Crispy Tortilla Chicken in Houston, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, starting tomorrow before launching its stores in 2020. The innovation process took 100 variations according to the recipe, according to Taco Bell.

It contains all white meat chicken that has been marinated in a jalapeño buttermilk marinade and rolled in a tortilla chip coating. Customers can buy the chicken separately or inside a taco.

The new article is served with Taco Bell's new Creamy Chili Pepper Sauce. It will cost $ 1.99 for a taco, $ 2.99 for 2 pieces of chicken, $ 3.99 for 3 pieces and will also be available in $ 5 and $ 7 boxes.


11 ways to make fried chicken [19659008] See Gallery

Read on for 11 ways to cook fried chicken.

Lard fried

Want to make fried chicken in southern style? Bath it in buttermilk, fry it in melted melt, bacon fat and butter, then serve with a rich tomato sauce.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Crisco fried

So abbreviation is no longer PC, you say. Well, don't tell that to chefs who swear by it for an ultra-crispy chicken crust.

Image Credit: Con Poulos

Batter fried

Instead of the usual dry drill, chilled chicken in a routine beer battery for an airy and crisp crust.

Image Credit: Getty Images

Bake, then fry.

Purists may calm down, but slow roasted chicken before giving a quick fry makes it insanely juicy but still deliciously crisp.

Image credit: John Kernick

Milk care

For particularly sweet and juicy chicken, salt it in whole milk before dipping the buttermilk.

Image Credit: Matthew Armendariz

Sweet tea brined

Try a totally inauthentic Southern take on fried chicken by salting it in sweet tea. Then double roast and toss with a spicy molasses.

Image Credit: Chris Court

Saltlake, then marinate.

Want the ultimate fried chicken experience? Salt the chicken overnight and then soak it in seasoned buttermilk. When you're so hungry for the chicken that you just can't take it anymore, fry it. Then eat it. Finally.

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Instead of the usual blend of garlic powder and cayenne, season the chicken with a more complex spice mix and then double-fry for extra crispy skin.

Image Credit: Getty Images


OK, so the chicken is not really fried, but baking chicken coated in panko bread crumbs, polenta or potato chips gives it a remarkably crisp crust with waaay less stirring than making the real deal.

Image Credit: Christina Holmes

Asian style

Throw your fried chicken into a spicy, funky sauce, made with everything from fish sauce to chili garlic sauce to Korean gochujang. [19659012] Image Credit: Todd Porter & Diane Cu



In a release, Taco Bell said it looks to continue its menu innovation after the huge success of Nacho Fries, which generated a billion dollars in sales.

Fried chicken and menu innovation have both pl ayed critical roles for fast food restaurants this year. The unexpectedly successful launch of Popeye's Chicken Sandwich showed that new menu options are the key to driving foot traffic and sales.

In early September, Taco Bell also launched the roasted Cheddar Chalupa after shrugging nine menu options to make room for new innovations.

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