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Xhaka takes his first position – "It is incomprehensible how extreme I was hostile" – sport


Granite Xhaka talked about the turbulent days in London compared to "SonntagsBlick".

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Gives insight into his emotional world

Granite Xhaka.

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Two weeks after the collision with his own fans and his resignation as captain of the Arsenal, Granit Xhaka has presented his first detailed account of his difficult situation SonntagsBlick . The cheering of the fans after his replacement had hit him a lot and stirred up.

Xhaka clarified that "the fan reaction is still incomprehensible to me today, especially in this harshness and how extremely hostile I was." [19659010] Xhaka believes in his chance at Arsenal

He has not received motivated criticism from his own fans, Xhaka said. If he or she does not play well, it is clear that you can hear it from the followers. "Yet we are now at a point where I have to say clearly that you should stop and check if this is not completely excluded," says the midfielder.

I have to prove that I am an important part of the fantastic team.

Since the incident two weeks ago, Xhaka has not played a minute for Arsenal. On Friday night, coach Unai Emery told reporters that he did not know if Xhaka would ever play for Arsenal again.

It is likely that the situation around Xhaka will not be eaten too much, even after the international break. Emery announced that he would seek the conversation again and then decide.

Xhaka continues to see his future at Arsenal. He and his family would feel very comfortable in London. "The events of the past week do not change that at all. I will hang myself up even more and prove that I am an important part of this amazing team," he quips.

The fashion also gets Xhaka to get support from his teammates. Following the scandal in his compensation to Crystal Palace, several teammates visited him at home and motivated him not to be beaten. "Above all, they showed me how many Arsenal fans didn't like the fans' reaction to the arena."

Broadcast: Radio SRF 1, Evening Bulletin, 05.11.19

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