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Woman shares pool photo – in the background you find disgusting

3, 2, 1 – Zack! The timing was right. A woman publishes a creative pool photo. But she does not know what is happening in the background.

Munich – What you don't do everything to get the perfect photo for your social media channel. Many attempts and eventually the optimal snapshot work. So, too, with this woman, who gave herself to the lightning in the pool.

The hair dipped in water, the throat was quickly thrown back – voila, there is the beautiful photo, on which it looks like the hairstyle is connected to the water surface. So it worked. A picture where everything looks like the woman wanted. But wait, one thing went wrong. Two people didn't play, she didn't scratch ̵

1; or did she?

Woman poses wonderful pool photo – but in the background it becomes disgusting

If you look closely there are two ladies standing at a small height must have felt unnoticed. Those dressed in red and black women probably felt a little itchy or that the garment on the back wasn't right. But see for yourself:

Do women scratch their buttocks or adjust their clothes?

The beautiful hair fountain in the foreground is forgotten when you see people scratching their shots vigorously. Too bad for the lady who made so much trouble for the perfect snapshot. Nevertheless, it has probably rarely produced an image where only two women simultaneously "control" their buttocks.

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Pool-Photo-Panne: Users enjoy the image

Users on the platform "Bored Panda" first see the woman with the red clothes and then write: "Do you see the woman in black? It's an epidemic! ". Another sees it less problematic: "If it just itches …". And again, the next one feels immediately attacked and says, "Imagine, a man would do it".

Another user is trying to sarcastically explain why the woman does it. This creates a bizarre discussion about shaking hands. "Hmmm, I'll do what no one sees me before I shake someone's hands," the user speculates on the thought. Then he gets the answer: "You usually shake hands with your right hand". "Not if you're left-handed," says two other users. Then he defends himself: "In the Netherlands we always shake the right hand".

There are many more photos circulating on the internet, which only determine the second look. In a lecture hall it only becomes clear after a few seconds who is in the room. In a holiday photo you can see a crazy detail. In a rather unspectacular party photo, it comes to a bitter moment. And yet another bizarre photo, even from Munich, is circulating online: What happens to the staircase in the Munich subway could not be revealed.

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