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Why Tesla electric cars continue to have the widest range> Teslamag.de

# 1, # 2 and # 3 on the list of the longest electric cars in the US market include Model S, Model X and Model 3 from Tesla – and although some of their competitors are new to their electric cars clearly after the pioneer from California has come up. Even the relatively inexpensive Model 3, for example, clearly leaves the much more expensive Audi e-tron models and Jaguars I-Pace within reach. Tesla had "just made every aspect of this car as efficient as possible," said Mark Ellis, production expert at consulting firm Munro & Associates, the company's leader.

According to a report from the online magazine Business Insider Munroe & Associates has dismantled and reviewed the battery packs for all current electric vehicles. The design of the Model 3 is clearly the best, Ellis is quoted. As an example, he mentioned the location of the battery cells relative to the current collector and the fact that almost all components in the package are glued, which reduces vibration. "I've never seen a better design," Ellis said. It should also be helpful that, unlike some competitors, Tesla continues to rely on cells in round rather than prismatic designs.

One of the great advantages of Tesla lies in the fact that the company can take some credit for the development of cars with internal combustion engines, Ellis continued. By contrast, the first electrical tests from traditional manufacturers are based on conversions of the platforms from previous combustion vehicles.

Sandy Munro, the founder of the consulting firm, which transforms from a clear Tesla skeptic into a follower of the company, also sheds light on this fact. Using old parts for a new car can really help if the new model has no fundamental changes. "But if you want to do something radically new or have something that prevails all over the world, then a spare part is the worst thing you can think of," Munro said.

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