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Why doesn't anyone want to cut my wedding dress?

Princess Beatrice, 31, often goes under the Royal Drama. This is why your beautiful day is short lived. After your cousin Prince Harry, 35, in his past year with a pumping wedding had all looked at him and even sister Princess Eugenie, 29, being celebrated as a bride, no one seems to be impressed by the number 9 of the British throne.

Princess Beatrice: She finally found her dream man – but now follows the great disappointment

After your younger sister Princess Eugenie and her wife's cousin, Duchess Meghan, in addition to her father-in-law, her father-in-law, Beatrice, that the Offer by Designers was only stacked. According to the British "OK!" should always dominate large radio. "Bea can't believe it," said one insider.

She had never heard from anyone but one beep. She even let her assistant room telephones see if any major fashion houses were interested, was quite embarrassing .

Now it feels like the elders of Prince Andrew and their ex-wife Fergie have totally transitioned. One month ago, it was here that the 31

-year-old announced his engagement to Italian real estate entrepreneur Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi. Since October 2018, both are in pairs. After the love flute with American millionaire son David Clark, with Beatrice nine years old she hardly seems to wait, and even to celebrate your March wedding.

Givenchy & Co.: Can Beatrice Withhold It?

After a long wait, she is still there herself and after the dream wedding of her little sister, it is obvious that Prince Andrews first born of a glamorous event will honor your honorable husband. . However, whether the desired offer would still be fashionable for any fashion designer, he said frankly.

Especially then, if the competition bears such a big name: In May 2018, Duchess Meghan prides herself on a sleeker elegance for the trawler. The bridal dress originated from the house Givenchy .

Sister Eugenie remarried five months later and is wearing a dress from the designer duo Peter Pilotto & Christopher De Vos who founded the luxury fashion label in London for 12 years . Prominent customers of both Michelle Obama, Claudia Schiffer, Rihanna or Kylie Minogue, for example.

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