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Who will take the crown on the ESAF train?

Silvio Rüfena cht (51, King of the Swords 1992)

Who will be the Swinger King?
Armon Orlik. It is true that no crime king has ever lost a Swiss final. But I am convinced that the versatile vibrating pigs will overcome this curse.

Who will be the biggest surprise man?
One of the quartet of young wild Bernese Michael Wiget, Fabian Staudenmann, Kilian by Weissenfluh and Patrick Gobeli. I think Wiget is especially strong after beating most of the Confederates this season in Bernbiet.

Who wins the Schönschwinger Prize?
Samuel Giger. His churz train is an absolute dream!

Who goes on to the strongest bumper?
Dani Bösch! The 130 kilogram pieces from eastern Switzerland can really make a favorite, its mass is difficult to move.

Noldi Ehrensberger (65, wrestler King 1977)

Who will swing king?
I wander between central Swiss and Reichmuth Wicki and "my" northeast Switzerland Giger and Orlik. But Giger is currently the hottest candidate for me, at Schwägalp he has recently swung as versatile as never before.

Who will be the biggest surprise man?
Freiburg Lario Kramer. After his sensational triumph last summer at Stoos, he had some trouble getting started at the start of this season, but on his last outing at Schwägalp, he suggested that he should arrive on time. This 21-year-old guy is not only dangerous in attack, he is also defensively strong.

Who wins the Schönschwinger Prize?
Mike Müllestein. Schwyzer has copied his uncle Alex on Maur the spectacular special driving force.

Who goes on to the strongest bounce?
My Zurich compatriot Fabian Kindlimann! I recently looked at one of his fights with Federal Councilor Ueli Maurer, who Ueli told me with irony: "Look, Kindlimann wants to win the Schoenschwinger Prize again!" Serious: Kindler will never be a Schoenschwinger again, but with his defensive qualities he is extremely valuable to our team.

Harry Knüsel (58, Swinger King 1986)

Who becomes a Swinger King?
Fairly clear: Pirmin Reichmuth. On the road to the throne, not even Bernes giant Christian Stucki will be able to stop our "Piri".

Who will be the biggest surprise man?
Bernese Fabian Staudenmann. The 19-year-old talent from Bernbiet came in second place this year at Emmentlischen and Freiburger, third at Mittelländischen and Oberland and took the wreaths at Weissenstein and Bernese cantonal.

Who wins the Schönschwinger Prize?
Armon Orlik. Grison can pull to the right which on the left is very spectacular.

Who goes on to the strongest bounce?
Hasliberger Kilian von Weissenfluh can wrestle any favorite with his defensive art. At the same time, he also has a lot to offer in the attack.

David Roschi, (72, King of Swords, 1972)

Who will be the Swinger King?
For me, Reichmuth, Wicki, Orlik and Giger absolutely follow, Matthias Aeschbacher follows just behind it.

Who will be the biggest surprise man?
I trust Michael Wiget or Fabian Staudenmann to have a very good ranking. The wedge makes me physically stronger, but I like Staudenmann a little better when it comes to vibration.

Who wins the Schönschwinger Prize?
If Pirmin Reichmuth reasoned as he did last at Brünig, he will not be defeated in this category. Pirmin impressed me there especially with his platoon throw against Benji von Ah, I have rarely seen such a beautiful act during all these decades.

Who will be the strongest bumper?
Although he weighs no more than a hundred kilos, Kilian von Weissenfluh is very difficult to defeat.

All information about Swiss federal state of Zug

From August 23 to 25, colossi, sawdust and Zwilchhosen Switzerland dominate – the federal swing and the 2019 Zug alpine festival are on. Here you will find everything you need to know about the mega event.

The current ESAF results are always in the news.

Program ESAF 2019

Friday, August 23

  • 11.00 / opening of the festival area
  • 13.00 / Fahnenempfang i Zug
  • 14.00 / Start Festumzug

Saturday August 24

  • 7.30 / March Schwinger
  • 7.45 / National anthem
  • 8.00 / swinging (1st / 2nd gear)
  • 8.00 / start of the competition puncture
  • 13.30 / swinging out (3rd / 4th gear)
  • 14.00 / final 20kg punting [19659065] 14.30 / Final 40 kg Steinstossen
  • 17.15 / End Ausschwingen

Sunday, August 25

  • 7.45 / Ausstich (5th Course)
  • 10.30 / Ausstich (6th Course)
  • 13.30 / Kranzausstich (7th gear)
  • 14.45 / Final Unspunnenstein
  • 15.15 / Kranzausstich (8th switch)
  • 16.45 / Schlussgang

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